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liz earleOMG….everyone needs this WOWZA product in their life!!

Im the kind of Chic who takes my skin care routine quite seriously, Discovering this product was one of the best things I have done. You apply a pump of the thick cream on to your dry face.. Yes that right, it’s not a gel face wash its a cream. You massage it all over the face for a minute or so and then the best part, you take the soft muslin cloth that the product comes with and rinse under hot water and wipe your face, removing all the dirt, grime, makeup and even your stubborn mascara like a breeze. It’s like magic! To finish off just splash your face with some ‘Warm’ water. Now your probably thinking that your going to be stripping your face of moisture by using a cloth, your not. It leaves your skin looking bright, clean and feeling like butter.

Oily skin ladies DO NOT be alarmed by the sound of a ‘Cream’ cleanser… It really is not as daunting as it sounds, In fact the natural ingredients have helped balance out my oily T-zone and has helped with my little breaks I often have every now and then.

Liz earle is a Natural skin care range that is AGAINST animal testing, it also Does NOT contain animal ingredients except for bees-wax, propolis and munnuka honey.

Pricing is very fair too £12.50 for a 100ml pump and two muslin cloths and if used correctly this will last you a long time.

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