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I received some samples of the He-Shi Tanning range about a week ago. Let me start by saying how I long to find a decent self tanning product for the face. I have in the past used Fake bake Instant wash off premium tan for face and body but never really got on with it, every time I applied it was so patchy I would rinse it off straight away. (What a waste of money)

He-Shi’s light gel formula is both moisturising  and easy to apply, I was so happy with the results!!! I have medium tone olive skin (I come from an Indian background but am very fair) In the winter I find my face is always so pale so I am always looking for that extra pick me up glow. The He-Shi tanning gel is AMAZING!!!! It glides on so easily without any blotches or patches. It is advised to use this product with a mit for even application but I use my hands and still get a great even application (Always wash your hands immediately after).  The face tanning gel is rich in Omega 9 castor oil which helps to leave your skin silky smooth and Vitamin B5 for deep moisturisation, helping with cell metabolism and cell turn over and lastly improving the condition of your skin. Ladies and Gents I highly recommend this No-fuss Tanning face gel. Ladies it is known that whilst using this most woman dont need to wear foundation!!!

Move over Fake Bake… He-Shi is TAKING OVER!!!!!!

Priced £12.50 for 100ml www.he-shi.co.uk

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I received the ‘Cupcake’ mask from Lush yesterday and seen as though it has a 3 week shelf life  as it is freshly made I had myself a little pampering session with it.

The smell is gorgeous, I just wanted to eat it. It contains ingredients such as Rhassoul Mud which has a natural foaming, de-greasing action which acts as a natural shampoo to cleanse the skin and Cocoa powder and spearmint which both work in harmony with the Rhassoul Mud to remove dirt and leave your skin feeling refreshed.

The product needs to be kept refrigerated. Apply evenly to the face and rinse of after 10 minutes. If you don’t like mess then this mask is not for you. The mask dries very quickly so when you are rinsing it off it gets all yucky and peels off and your bathroom will be a n a bit of a state afterwards. The texture of the mask is bitty almost like you have crush a fruit and nut chocolate bar and put it on your face. After rinsing the mask off you do notice how smooth your face looks. I would recommend this mask for teenage skin as it really helps to rid excess oil and helps  with break outs. In all I think its worth the fuss and mess, the results are great 🙂

Lush Cupcake – £4.95 (Make sure you keep this in the fridge and please not it only has a 3 week shelf life) www.lush.co.uk

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Most of us including myself ignore using a ‘Toner’ but little do we know it actually helps to close the pores after cleansing  and prepares your skin for your moisturiser. This formula is perfect for those who have stayed away from using a toner because that small little bit gets into your eyes and stings like crazy. ‘Liz Earle Instant Boots Tonic’ is a gentle non drying tonic which helps to soothe and brighten your skin giving you instant results. Some of the potent natural ingredients you will find is this beautiful floral formula include: Organic Aloe Vera, Natural Source Vitamin E, Camomile and cucumber.

Apply a generous amount on cotton wool pads after cleansing your skin, lightly sweep over the face without applying too much pressure, finish off by applying your moisturiser. I do advise to use the Liz Earle essentials range as you will see better results from using the whole range. The Instant Boost Tonic is also available in a spritz bottle which is very handy to carry around with you. Just simply spritz yourself for a little refresh. The smell is lovely, clean and comforting.

 Liz Earle Instant Boost Tonic 200ml Bottle £11.50 www.Lizearle.com

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Right ladies…. Now don’t all rush at once but I have some exciting news to share with you. Dr.Perricone’s ‘Private Reserve Serum’ is now available to the general public. Private Reserve is a hand made formula which is made in very small batches, never before has it been on offer to the general public. The serum was only available to Dr. Perricone’s high-profile clients upon request.

The serum is known to deliver an unrivalled transformation to the skin thus improving texture, firmness, tone, wrinkles, line’s and general smoothing of the skin.

Why is the serum different?

  • Includes highly advanced, bio intelligent and powerful proprietary Neuropeptides
  • formulated with Dr.Perricone’s revolutionary Cold Plasma delivery system
  • Can be applied on its own or used as a booster with your existing regime
  • Private Reserve is free from parabens, sulphates, PEG’s, silicones, phthlates, synthetic dyes and synthetic fragrances
  • Richly hydrating and highly absorbent

This limited edition Neuropeptide Serum is my personal formula, which until now has only been available to some of the most famous faces in the world. Private Reserve delivers extraordinary benefits and instantly gorgeous, radiant skin. And like the finest vintage wines, it ensures your skin continues to improve with time” – Nicholas V. Perricone MD

The formula sounds like magic in a bottle literally! So if you’re looking for results and treatment that the Rich and Famous receive, head on down to Harrods where you may be in luck to bag yourself a fabulous Dr. Perricone one time only ‘Private Reserve Serum’

The formula will be made available exclusively to Harrods from Mid september 2010 Private Reserve: £595 Dr.PerriconeMD

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Above is a few of my fave Self portraits 🙂

Copy Right Priya sonn www.priyasonn.com

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We all like a bit of indulgence, me especially when in comes in the name of Molton Brown. I have alway been a fan of the brand, you can really unwind and indulge in some real bathing heaven when using Molton Brown products.

Paradisiac Pink Pepperpod is the new femme fatal from Molton Brown, It’s definitely a collection for todays modern woman. It’s powerful aroma screams attention with its alluring and spicy scent. Traditionally called ‘Paradise seeds’ it was claimed that the peppery seeds used in the ‘Pink Pepper Pod collection’  only grew in Eden and had to be collected as they floated down the River of Paradise.

Paradisiac pink pepperpod body & shower £17 – This yummy shower gel infused with warm pink pepper pods from the Gulf of Guinea helps to protect your skin from harsh environmental damage whilst really giving you that wake up feeling in the morning. I’m quite sensitive to strong smells so honestly thought this would be a little too much for me to handle in the mornings but I was wrong. It’s such a mellow spicy fragrance which stays with you hours after you have showered. I find myself on photoshoots smelling my arm in between shots because I’ve caught a whiff of the yummy smell.

Paradisiac pink pepperpod body lotion £17- is a warming deeply spiced aromatic lotion to be massaged over your body after washing – leaving your skin feeling energised and delectably fragrant. I’ve not actually tested this product but im sure it lives up to its reputation.

Paradisiac pink pepperpod bathing milk £24- I totally forgot to add this luxurious bath milk to my ‘Wind Down’ article I wrote yesterday it’s perfect for a late night bath or if you’ve had a stressful week and just need some chill out time. It’s one of those one-off products that would get pulled out when you want severe relaxation and pamper time. Poor a sufficient amount into running water, once the bath is full step into milky heaven.  The richly scented milk really does revive and moisturise your skin. Ladies this is Perfect after a hard days work… Glass of wine and a fabulous Milk bath, you’ll be in heaven!!!

Available to buy online at www.Moltonbrown.co.uk

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As London Fashion Week kicks off today and while our fashionista’s and catwalk queens strut their stuff on the Runway, Wahanda gives us all the opportunity to achieve that Front-Row fabulosity.

If you’re wondering what is Wahanda well… Wahanda is your one stop shop to all things health, beauty and skincare. providing an intuitive and easy-to-use website to learn about treatments (everything from acupuncture, facials and massages to Pilates, nutrition and personal training), share ratings and reviews, and book the hottest deals, gifts and offers from the most comprehensive listing of spas, salons, studios and fitness centres across the globe, all with the simple click of a mouse.

Wahanda is offering the following exclusive offers at the salons listed below that you won’t find anywhere else.

For more information please visit www.wahanda.com

Get pampering ladies… offers like this dont come often 🙂

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