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I received some samples of the He-Shi Tanning range about a week ago. Let me start by saying how I long to find a decent self tanning product for the face. I have in the past used Fake bake Instant wash off premium tan for face and body but never really got on with it, every time I applied it was so patchy I would rinse it off straight away. (What a waste of money)

He-Shi’s light gel formula is both moisturising  and easy to apply, I was so happy with the results!!! I have medium tone olive skin (I come from an Indian background but am very fair) In the winter I find my face is always so pale so I am always looking for that extra pick me up glow. The He-Shi tanning gel is AMAZING!!!! It glides on so easily without any blotches or patches. It is advised to use this product with a mit for even application but I use my hands and still get a great even application (Always wash your hands immediately after).  The face tanning gel is rich in Omega 9 castor oil which helps to leave your skin silky smooth and Vitamin B5 for deep moisturisation, helping with cell metabolism and cell turn over and lastly improving the condition of your skin. Ladies and Gents I highly recommend this No-fuss Tanning face gel. Ladies it is known that whilst using this most woman dont need to wear foundation!!!

Move over Fake Bake… He-Shi is TAKING OVER!!!!!!

Priced £12.50 for 100ml www.he-shi.co.uk

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