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I’m forever getting compliments on how nice my nails are, so when I reply and say I barely do anything to them most individuals are shocked. I’m lucky to have quite long nail beds which I hear many woman long for. Having long nail beds to me makes me feel like I have two large beetles sitting on my thumbs however i’ve learnt to live with them. I don’t enjoy overly long nails so I think having long nail beds can be a pro as you can grow your nails a small amount for them to look long. So my dilemma is this awful weather, a few weeks ago I noticed a vast change to the health of my nails, lets just say they were a ‘hot mess’, dry cuticles, split cracked nail beds and even when I filed them down they were just not growing how they usually do. I spoke with Farrah from Makeup It Girl who advised me to use Nailtiques, now I have to admit, I had never heard of this brand before, Farrah kindly sent me some products to try out.

Nailtiques Formula 2 – This formula is for weak, soft, bitten or nails that are just unhealthy, it consists of a unique blend of protein and conditioners that will immediately help nails that are in need of some TLC. Ingredients include: hydrolyzed keratin and protein in combination with gelatin and calcium to help bond nail layers together building a stronger and healthier nail. I applied this daily for about 2 weeks, in fact I applied it so much that my nails were over healthy and so hard they broke :p. Apply this formula daily but keep an eye on your nails, if they seem to be back in their normal form then use formula 1 to help maintain! This formula is truly magic, I highly recommend.

Nailtiques Formula 1 – Like mentioned above, this formula is designed to help maintain healthy nails, it will continue to help bond your nail layers together. Formula 1 is recommended for people who have previously been using formula 2 and also for those who already have healthy nails but need that extra little help. I have now switched over to formula 1 and I apply it around 2-3 times a week, I can see such an amazing difference in my nails since using these formulas, my nails are indeed back to their healthy selves! Happy days 🙂

Nailtiques Oil Therapy – Another hero product from Nailtiques, enriched with fabulous Vitamins which help to get rid of those ugly brittle stubs. This formula can be used on toe and hand nails to help dry flaking nails. Since using Oil Therapy my cuticle’s are super soft and for someone who has a calcium deficiency this oil has really helped get rid of any white spots on my nails. Another great tip- If you use this over your wet polish it acts as a drying agent and also helps to set your polish. Kudos for this amazing oil!!

Nailtiques Nail Moisturiser – Enriched with collagen, jojoba and aloe this Nail moisturiser helps to restore moisture back into the nail whilst maintaining flexibility. I apply this cream generously to my nail at bed time for it to really penetrate.

Ladies.. if you are having a hard time with your nails I urge you to try out Nailtiques products, amazing formulas that really do work!! www.nailtiques.com.

Nailtiques is available to buy from the Ritz London and also on the Salonskinare and Lookfantastic websites!

Prices will be updated on the products soon


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I’m a huge fan of Dr Martens but im overly excited about the new chique and classy S/S 2011 collection, Its oozes of summer fabulousity from floral madness, to keeping the winter trend of animal prints down to the classic but ever so popular original Dr Marten shoes with a twist! Check out these babies!! I want- The leopard print brogues, the floral brogues and the the Blue loafers! Which are your faves??


Available soon from Dr Martens stores and online 😉

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You all know BeautyWowza very well by now (If you don’t, you better get to know)! Before I started BeautyWowza I actually use to also blog about shoes www.wowzashoes.wordpress.com, however up keeping two blogs will just be a pain in my ever so busy ass! I have decided to merge ‘Wowshoes’  along side a new edition ‘WowzaFashion’ to my BeautyWowza site!!

There will be a whole load of a mix going on here… so join the party and tell ya friends about me!!! In the meantime I’ll leave you with my most recent  Photoshoot! Enjoy

All images are protected under CopyRight law and should NOT be used under any circumstances! CopyRight Priya Sonn 2010!

phototgraphy & post production- Priya Sonn (myself), Styling- Wacey Style, Model- N.Warner, Makeup- Chantelle (Glamzini), Hair- Elbie!


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Indulge in some of the finest skincare treats bought to you by DARPHIN. Derived from over 50 years of expertise, experience the art of pampering and see the instant results! 
DARPHIN’S amazing bespoke Christmas gift sets will see you, a friend or a loved one through Christmas and beyond!   

Stars of Beauty Bright RRP £35.00 – DARPHIN’S most hydrating personal at -home skincare treats.


  • NEW Hydraskin Essential 50ml – Revitalises the skin’s hydration, maintains water balance and prevents water loss so skin appears nourished, replenished and radiant.
  • Azahar Cleansing Micellar Water 50ml – Mild-all-in-one cleanser for face, eyes and lips.
  • Hydraskin Intensive Moisturising Serum 5ml – An intensive serum that instantly hydrates leaving skin supple, soft and radiant.
  • Rose Aromatic Care 3ml – this soothing aromatic care softens, smoothes and guards against free radical damage.
  • Darphin Headband – this professional Velcro headband adjusts to all sizes.

 Soothing Stars RRP £54.00 – To help smoothe the most sensitive of skins

  • Intral Redness Relief Recovery Cream 30ml – Soothes and replenishes skin whilst helping to protect against environmental aggressions.
  • Intral Redness Relief Soothing Serum 30ml – This soothing serum helps to reduce the appearance of redness to leave skin comforted and calm.
  • Cleansing Milky Emulsion with Verbena 4ml – Gently cleanses and protects skin, whilst relieving the feelings of discomfort often prone to sensitive skin types.
  • Chamomile Aromatic Care 3ml – Nourishes and calms sensitive skin prone to redness and irritations.

Stars in Your Eyes RRP £39.00 – DARPHIN’S most advance formulations for all your eye concerns

  • NEW Wrinkle Corrective Eye Contour Cream 15ml – This silky-soft cream helps minimise the appearance of wrinkles and prevents their formation while restoring eye contour radiance and suppleness.
  • Azahar Cleansing Water 50ml – Mild all-in-one cleanser for face, eyes and lips.
  • Lifting and Firming Eye Serum 1.5ml – This intensive eye serum absorbs quickly to help firm the delicate eye area and reduce the appearance of lines and wrinkles, giving eyes a beautiful youthful lifted look.
  • Darphin Waffle Eye Mask – a fabulous bespoke ‘Bonne Nuit’ Darphin eye mask.

Stars of Wonder RRP £75.00 Smooths and helps to re capture a youthful looking complexion.


  • Predermine Densifying Anti-Wrinkle Cream 50ml – Sumptuously rich, delectable, wrinkle-defying cream densifies skin for a plumper appearance and smoothes lines and wrinkles as it nourishes dry skin and renews elasticity and resilience.
  • Age-Defying Dermabrasion 15ml – A combination of completely naturally sourced exfoliating ingredients that respect even the most sensitive skin.
  • NEW Predermine Firming Wrinkle Repair Serum 2ml – The newest and most advanced addition to the age-defying range. The Smart Firming System helps to visibly reduce wrinkles so skin appears more plump, radiant and firmer to the touch.
  • Jasmine Aromatic Care 3ml – Softens, nourishes and smoothes mature skin.


Buy online ay www.Darphin.co.uk





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I’ll keep this short and sweet as I tend to babble on! I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this face wash.  Geranium is one of my all time favorite scents in skincare products. The smell of this face wash really does awaken the senses in the morning, It vanishes any sign of dirt and grime on your face, leaving it clean, refreshed with no sign of dryness. It’s an SLS and chemical free formula that foams only a small amount leaving you skin toned moisturised and ready to face the day!

Organic Surge Daily Care Face Wash-  £4.99.

Available to buy at Boot’s store and also online at Organic Surge

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As you all may know.. I love my Natural and Organic skincare! I am also trying to lead a more Greener life style, so when I was sent an EcoTool brush I was very chuffed!

EcoTools, from what I hear have been around for some time, there unbelievably soft brushes are one of the first to use sustainable resources to minimise negative effects on the environment.  The brushes feature bamboo handles, a highly replenishable resource and cruelty free taklon bristles. Recycled aluminium ferrules are used to construct the brushes.

These brushes have fast become favorite makeup tolls for celebs and pro makeup artists who themselves believe in a greener lifestyle. I have been using my blusher brush everyday since I received it, I cant seem to change it over because the coverage I get from it is so even. The brush is super soft and makeup glides on like you have skin as smooth as satin. The bristles are not at all harsh or sharp so you’ll Have no prickly sensations like you can get from other brand Makeup brushes. The great selling point of these fabulous makeup tools is the price, considering the quality and the Eco friendly nature, these brushes start at as little as £3.99, not bad at all I say!! Amazing quality and you get to help out the environment too.

EcoTools are available to buy from Tesco and Superdrug stores nationwide.

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