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It seem’s that ORLY are really on top of their game at the moment! After the amazing ‘Tis the Season’ collection the new year will see this amazing collection to add a little spice to the beginning of the year!! I love that there is a colour for everyone, whether you like nudes, pastels or darks… it’s all here in this collection!

Available from Jan 2011

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I’ll be getting up close and personal with Beauty Blogger Amrita from The 6 Inch Stilettos, here’s how she did after I interrogated her :p

1- What made you start your blog?

Boredom. I’ve always been someone who read blogs for reviews of products and one evening, when I was bored, I thought I might as well too so I made my blog and Twitter account on the same day and haven’t looked back since

2- If you were stranded on a desert Island what 5 must have products would you need?

A moisturiser with SPF, face spritz, waterproof mascara, face wipes and lip balm.
3- Who would be the one inspirational figure within the beauty industry that you would love to meet and why?

Umm… That’s a tough one… I need to think about that and I’ll come back to you!

4- Off the top of your head, what is your current favorite: Nail Polish, Lipstick, Blusher, Face cream, face cleanser and one hero product you cannot live without and why?

Nailpolish: Essie ‘Body Language
Lipstick: MAC Viva Glam Gaga or MAC Full Fuchsia
Blusher: Illamasqua ‘Tweak’
Face Cream: Nivea Soft (You can’t go wrong with the basics!!)
Face Cleanser: Lancome Baume Eclat
Hero Product: Batiste Dry Shampoo in Fresh – Disguises the grease ballness of a night out! LOL
5- How do you feel about new bloggers? I have noticed a lot of tweets mentioning how new bloggers have no clue of how its done, whats your take on this?

Good luck to ’em. We were all new bloggers once and trying to find our own flair and style so I understand how hard it is. It’s probably harder for new bloggers now because blogging has become so much more competitive but my question is… What the hell is the prize?!
6- Your Top 10 favorite blogs at the moment and why?

You just couldn’t make this easy, could you!?! I don’t have a top 10 because there are too many to choose from but I can tell you what blogs I have been reading lately.. Beauty-Fulfilled.com, VexintheCity.com, HellCandy.com, TheGlossGoss.com, Bubblegarm.blogspot.com, HollyYM.com, BeautyandtheBlog23.blogspot.com, Makeuptrialsandtribulations.blogspot.com, makeupsavvy.co.uk, beautywowza.wordpress.com, makeupitgirl.blogspot.com – I COULD GO ON!!!!

The Wowza says: I love how she put my blog in there 🙂 he he he!

7- If you could compare yourself to any Celeb who would it be and why?

None. These 2 bit ‘celebs’ aint got nothing on me. LOL.
8 – Whats your favorite brand of all time, a brand you think remains consistent in all they do? (You can name a few if you wish)

Lancome, Bobbi Brown, MAC, Maybelline & Revlon
9 – Your blogging pet peeve?

Watermarking photos! It’s the most irritating part of blogging, ever!
10 – An ideal day all to yourself would include?

Wake up late, eat, blog, shop, eat, shop, drink, sleep 🙂
11- Best Holiday you have ever been on and why?

Probably when I when I done the Disney theme parks in Florida when I was a kid. Life was so simple back then 🙂
12 – Your favorite fashion designer/s and why?

I’m not big on labels and fashion designers as much as I used to be but if I had to choose… Sass & Bide and Marc by Marc Jacobs – The clothes are wearable, stylish and not insanely priced. Oh and Wildfox – Love that!

The Wowza says: I love that Amrita chose Sass & Bide, a very chique yet elegant designer! Also im a major Wildfox fan.. I love their t-shirts!
13 – Favorite Hight street label?

H&M, Mango and Primark. I’m not a big fan of Topshop at all. The clothes are way overpriced for what they are.
14- What are your top 5 Favorite pair’s of shoes? 

I have over 100 pairs of shoes. This could take a looooong time!!! I can show you two pairs…. 

The wowza Says: A girl after my own heart… GOTTA LOVE a huge shoe collection!

15 – How many Lipsticks do you own?

Last time I counted… About 30.
16 – Your thoughts on a no makeup day, is makeup so important that you can’t leave the house without it?

Gosh, you clearly haven’t seen me on a Sunday! Lol. Sundays are my no makeup day (unless I’m going to a party or something). I think it’s always good to have a no makeup day to let your skin breathe.

The Wowza says: Good on you, Gotta have makeup free days, if you look after your skin makeup less days are not so daunting!
17 – What are your thoughts on Plastic surgery?

There’s no harm in it. If someone isn’t comfortable with their body or their looks, then fix it. It’s all up to personal preference really. I wouldn’t go down that route but ask me again in about 30 years… 😉
18 – If you could go on a girls blogger holiday, where would you go and who would you take?

Miami 🙂 Sun, sea, shopping and a whole lot of eye candy. Lol. Who would I take? Everyone. The more the merrier!
19 – TV programs you absolutely love

Good ol’ Eastenders, Gossip Girl, Desperate Housewives, Two & A Half Men, Friends and Grey’s Anatomy.

20- Tell us either a little secret that no one knows or a bad beauty habit you have!

A bad beauty habit? I get lazy and don’t always spot clean my brushes after every use. It’s not major but it is a bad habit!

Huge Thank you to Amrita for taking the time to answer some questions for me, make sure you all swing by her blog and spend some time!!

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After a kind invite from the lovely ladies at Liz Earle I hopped along to the Flagship store in Chelsea for a Wreath making evening in aid of their new addition to the ever so popular energising range. We were greeted with Mulled wine (elder flower for the non drinkers like myself) and minced pies with a display of beautiful wreath making goodies! 

January will see an amazing launch of ‘Energising Body Lotion’, a potent yet silky body cream packed with 19 naturally active ingredients including: Caffeine, ginkgo biloba, chestnut, vitamin E, borage, grapefruit, rosemary, peppermint and many more. This luscious blend will have you picked up from those Winter blues in no time at all! The body lotion comes in a sleek long bottle that’s easy enough to carry with you, the texture of the lotion is lovely and silky and it absorbs into the skin very quickly and of course, the smell is to die for as with every other Liz Earle product!

Here are some pictures from our lovely Wreath making evening!

The lovely table full of Wreath goodness!

Majority of the props used for our wreath’s were in fact the main ingredients which you will find in Energising Body Lotion!

Jennifer doing what she loves best, talking to us about plants 🙂

Me making a little progress, I think??!!

Fellow Beauty writers/bloggers showing off their finished products.

Emma from Pampered&Polished showing off her lovely Wreath!

Me and Hayley from London Beauty Queen!

Lets Play ‘Rate the Wreath’ :p Below are images of the Wreath made by myself and the one by the Lovely Jennifer from Liz Earle!

Jennifer’s Wreath 🙂

My Wreath (go easy on me, its my first time :p)

Thanks to the lovely ladies at Liz Earle for holding such a lovely evening!

Energising Body Lotion will be available in January and is priced at £16.50 for 150ml.

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I’m forever getting compliments on how nice my nails are, so when I reply and say I barely do anything to them most individuals are shocked. I’m lucky to have quite long nail beds which I hear many woman long for. Having long nail beds to me makes me feel like I have two large beetles sitting on my thumbs however i’ve learnt to live with them. I don’t enjoy overly long nails so I think having long nail beds can be a pro as you can grow your nails a small amount for them to look long. So my dilemma is this awful weather, a few weeks ago I noticed a vast change to the health of my nails, lets just say they were a ‘hot mess’, dry cuticles, split cracked nail beds and even when I filed them down they were just not growing how they usually do. I spoke with Farrah from Makeup It Girl who advised me to use Nailtiques, now I have to admit, I had never heard of this brand before, Farrah kindly sent me some products to try out.

Nailtiques Formula 2 – This formula is for weak, soft, bitten or nails that are just unhealthy, it consists of a unique blend of protein and conditioners that will immediately help nails that are in need of some TLC. Ingredients include: hydrolyzed keratin and protein in combination with gelatin and calcium to help bond nail layers together building a stronger and healthier nail. I applied this daily for about 2 weeks, in fact I applied it so much that my nails were over healthy and so hard they broke :p. Apply this formula daily but keep an eye on your nails, if they seem to be back in their normal form then use formula 1 to help maintain! This formula is truly magic, I highly recommend.

Nailtiques Formula 1 – Like mentioned above, this formula is designed to help maintain healthy nails, it will continue to help bond your nail layers together. Formula 1 is recommended for people who have previously been using formula 2 and also for those who already have healthy nails but need that extra little help. I have now switched over to formula 1 and I apply it around 2-3 times a week, I can see such an amazing difference in my nails since using these formulas, my nails are indeed back to their healthy selves! Happy days 🙂

Nailtiques Oil Therapy – Another hero product from Nailtiques, enriched with fabulous Vitamins which help to get rid of those ugly brittle stubs. This formula can be used on toe and hand nails to help dry flaking nails. Since using Oil Therapy my cuticle’s are super soft and for someone who has a calcium deficiency this oil has really helped get rid of any white spots on my nails. Another great tip- If you use this over your wet polish it acts as a drying agent and also helps to set your polish. Kudos for this amazing oil!!

Nailtiques Nail Moisturiser – Enriched with collagen, jojoba and aloe this Nail moisturiser helps to restore moisture back into the nail whilst maintaining flexibility. I apply this cream generously to my nail at bed time for it to really penetrate.

Ladies.. if you are having a hard time with your nails I urge you to try out Nailtiques products, amazing formulas that really do work!! www.nailtiques.com.

Nailtiques is available to buy from the Ritz London and also on the Salonskinare and Lookfantastic websites!

Prices will be updated on the products soon

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I’ll keep this short and sweet as I tend to babble on! I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this face wash.  Geranium is one of my all time favorite scents in skincare products. The smell of this face wash really does awaken the senses in the morning, It vanishes any sign of dirt and grime on your face, leaving it clean, refreshed with no sign of dryness. It’s an SLS and chemical free formula that foams only a small amount leaving you skin toned moisturised and ready to face the day!

Organic Surge Daily Care Face Wash-  £4.99.

Available to buy at Boot’s store and also online at Organic Surge

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As you all may know.. I love my Natural and Organic skincare! I am also trying to lead a more Greener life style, so when I was sent an EcoTool brush I was very chuffed!

EcoTools, from what I hear have been around for some time, there unbelievably soft brushes are one of the first to use sustainable resources to minimise negative effects on the environment.  The brushes feature bamboo handles, a highly replenishable resource and cruelty free taklon bristles. Recycled aluminium ferrules are used to construct the brushes.

These brushes have fast become favorite makeup tolls for celebs and pro makeup artists who themselves believe in a greener lifestyle. I have been using my blusher brush everyday since I received it, I cant seem to change it over because the coverage I get from it is so even. The brush is super soft and makeup glides on like you have skin as smooth as satin. The bristles are not at all harsh or sharp so you’ll Have no prickly sensations like you can get from other brand Makeup brushes. The great selling point of these fabulous makeup tools is the price, considering the quality and the Eco friendly nature, these brushes start at as little as £3.99, not bad at all I say!! Amazing quality and you get to help out the environment too.

EcoTools are available to buy from Tesco and Superdrug stores nationwide.

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Known for their chart-topping singles and signature styles Katy Perry and Rihanna both wore Broadway 2-Step Natural Nails at the MTV Video Music Awards.  Celebrity manicurist Kimmie Kyees applied Kiss 2-Step nails as a base underneath their favorite design/polish.
In lieu of glue, Kyees secured the nails to Katy and Rihanna using the Kiss Mega Hold Tabs – a short-term alternative to nail glue. 
Katy wore her 2-Step Nails to give her the nail length in order to pay tribute to her fiancé Russell Brand, while Rihanna opted for a neutral, full-length at the Award ceremony.
Broadway 2-Step Nail Kit is available at Boots, www.boots.co.uk for £6.99Kiss Mega Hold Tabs are available at Boots and SuperDrug for £2.99

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