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After attending the Caudalie event a few weeks back we were given some goodies of the range to try out! So as promised on my previous post here are the reviews on the range!!

Caudalie Instant Foaming Cleanser £14.50- This light, gentle cleanser transforms into a lovely airy foam which provides a gentle but soap free cleansing. I used this cleanser all throughout my Holiday to Greece. It was lovely and light to use and cleansed my skin throughly, even though I’m not much of a sun worshipper, you obviously do catch some rays that may make your skin a little sensitive even if you are wearing the highest factor available, I found this cleanser to be the perfect solution. Apply two pumps and sweep on the face in gentle circular motions. Only downer is that it stings like a bitch when it gets in your eyes! Would have been perfect if this was gentle on the eyes!! However this will not stop me from re-buying!!

VinoPerfect Day Perfecting Cream £35.50- Now this product really is one of a kind!! I suffer with a very odd un even skin tone, where my cheeks are very pale and the rest of my face is a shade or two darker. I have been using this cream for around two weeks and the difference is uncanny!! This moisturiser has what Caudalie like to call ‘The Invisible Shield’ which helps to protect your skin from the sun and the effects of free radicals. Main Ingredients: anti-dark spot and radiance boosting Viniferine triturated at 500ppm, gentle grape acid exfoliator, soothing candeia and many more. Since using the VinoPrefect Day Perfecting Cream, my skin tone has evened out at a noticeable level, the duey glow has returned and I even get compliments day in day out on how good my skin looks. I recommend this product to anyone suffering from un even skin tone, sun spots and also Asian skin tones who are known sufferers of un-even skin tones.

VinoSource Quenching Sorbet-Creme £20- Finally the ‘pier de resistance’ Caudalie’s newest launch. Inspired by the grapevine, which regulates its own water to counter climate changes, this amazing moisturiser really helps to restore your skins hydration levels. Many of us who think we drink plenty of water to keep us hydrated all over would be surprised to learn that our skin may well be very parched. This amazing formula (which is suitable for the most sensitive skin types, patch test always recommended) allows deep hydration which leaves your skin velvety smooth and luminous.  A great starting point if you are new to the Caudalie range, It will really prepare your skin to the level it should be and from there you can then go on to a more prescribed regime of the range which suits your needs. All in all a brilliant, simple product with maximum results!!

Check out the Caudalie range at www.Caudalie.com

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After cleansing your face with Paula’s Choice skin balancing cleanser and applying the fabulous Skin balancing toner (review to come shortly) You apply this magic non sticky, light weight gel over your face and then finish with Paula’s choice skin balancing gel.

This exfoliater gel glides on to the skin so easily, penetrating and minimising pores. I have noticed how clean and smooth my skin looks, I apply it either daily or every two days and it has worked wonders for me. I don’t break out as much and my pores seem minimised. This formula is also known to work well on acne scaring and is helps to eliminate any redness. The fragrance free gel contains Salicylic acid which is known for its natural anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties which also helps to Stimulates collagen production for firmer, younger-looking skin.

This product really is amazing for keeping your skin in check. My skin is bright, clean and smooth. I very rarely break out and when I do they are practically gone the very next day. I find it very easy to use as it’s a gel you put on under your moisturiser, not a daily scrub you have to use 3 times a week. It makes my daily routine much easier knowing that I am getting the benefits of an exfoliator everyday. I  recommend this product to teenagers who have a hormonal skin. I’m sure this will work wonders to clear up your skin and have it looking fresh in no time.

Exfoliating 2% Beta Hydroxy Acid Gel- £18.75

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Ingrowing hairs and razor bumps for me has been an ongoing problem for years, No matter what I did I could not seem to get those silky smooth legs I long desired. I had tried everything, different forms of hair removal, exfoliation treatments you name it I tried it.

I discovered PFB vanish roughly 6 months ago and I can honestly say my legs have not looked better. PFB  contains gentle exfolliants that lift ingrown hair quickly to the surface, as well as clearing dead skin cells and blocked pores. This product can be used on all areas you shave and is unbeatable for ingrown hair, razor rash and many other problems related to post hair removal. PFB Vanish has an anti inflammatory, anti bacterial and antiseptic action which makes its perfect to use on pimples, spots and mild acne.

I set myself a routine of using this products 2x a day for the first week and then cut it down. I noticed a difference straight away, the ingrown hair’s were not as bad and my legs looked more smooth, also the razor bumps were hardly noticable.

I use the rollerball version as i find its a lot more hygienic especially if you are using it on multiple areas of your body.

I’ve read quite a few negative reviews on this product and really am wondering why? Dont get me wrong, this treatment takes time, it’s not magic and your legs are NOT going to be perfect over night but if you stick to it and be patient I can guarantee you will notice a difference.

Give it a try and let me know how you ladies get on 🙂

PFB Vanish 4oz- £15.99 (approx)

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I’m really excited to have My good friend Chantelle James (www.Beautyboxartistry.com) professional makeup artist giving me monthly updates on her favorite products and top tips on how to use them. Chantelle and I work very closely together on photoshoot’s, you can see some of our work at my photography portfolio www.pritography.com.

Chantelle has given me 10 of her current favorite products and tips on how to use them.. Here we go-

1. Elizabeth Arden 8 Hour cream

Price- £22.00

Elizabeth Arden 8 hour cream helps to fight against chapped lips (great for those wintery lips) and leaves skin feeling silky smooth and well conditioned. The 8 hour cream is also great for burnt, irritated and dry skin.

Chantelle’s Top tip- Apply all over the face including lips first thing after your morning cleansing routine, this will throughly condition your skin and prepare it for your makeup.

2. MAC fix + spray

Price- £11.00

Fix + is a hydration spray made from spring water, vitamins and minerals. Some ingredient’s include: camomile, cucumber and green tea.

Chantelle’s Top tip- Spray before applying your moisturiser, this will help to hydrate your skin leaving it supple and smooth. This is great preparation for your base makeup. Hydrated skin does not drink your makeup therefore allowing your makeup to last longer throughout the day.

3. MAC SPF50 Primer

Price- £19.50

Mac’s SPF50 Primer is great for oily/combination skin. This primer will keep makeup looking fresh and will give makeup longevity, it also helps the skin to produce less sebum helping to prevent clogged pores and spots. Mulberry root extract is one of the ingredient’s used in this product, it helps to tone down skin redness.

Chantelle’s Top tip- Apply on a daily basis on top of your moisturiser for maximum effect.

4. Bobbi Brown Lip Crayons

Price- £18.00

Creamy and full coverage, this product looks like a jumbo lip pencil but is a glossy lipstick with great precision.

Chantelle’s Top tip- Great for a girl on the go. There is no fuss as you have a lip pencil, gloss and lipstick all in one.

My favorite shades:

Honey suckle for Light/pale skin tones

Raisen Berry- Darker/chocolate skin tones

5. Estee Lauder Pure colour eyeshadow colour- Mink

Price- £14.00

This eyeshadow is the yummiest darkest, deepest shade of brown, great for a dark smokey eye look without being overly dark or looking black.

Chantelle’s Top tip- Apply base concealer and buff in the ‘Mink’ eyeshadow.Finish with lining your eye with a black ‘Khol’ liner and smudge in for a smoky effect.

6. MAC eyeshadow in colours  Brown Script and Symmetry

Price- £11.0 each

Chantelle’s uses these colours as blusher’s instead of eyeshadow.

Brown Script- A beautiful shade of reddish-brown great for contouring the darkest of skin tones

Symmetry- Great for contouring Light/pale skin tones

Chantelle’s Top tip- Use an angled blusher brush or a small kabuki brush to contour the hollows on the cheek. For maximum effect use natural hair brushes only.


7. YSL Lip Baume Exfoliant (lip exfoliator)

Price- £18.00

This amazing lip exfoliator contains strawberry and brown sugar grains that eliminate dead skin cells. It is also enriched with chorea butter which intensely nourishes the lips.

Chantelle’s Top tip- Use a small amount and apply to the lips in circular motions. Once the dead skin has started to peel away leave the lotion on your lips for around 2-4 minutes, this will allow conditioning time for your lips. Follow by using Elizabeth Arden 8 hour cream on the lips.

8. Bobbi Brown Long wear Gel Liner

Price- £14.00

This award is a multi awardwinning liner. A gel based formula which is used with a liner brush.

Chantelle’s favorite shade- Ivy shimmer Ink: It dries with a very glitzy glam effect.

Chantelle’s Top tip- Use it on a night out for minimum effort maximum effect.

9. MAC Mineralize skin finish/Natural

Price- £17.50

A face powder with minerals which are good for nourishing the skin. This product gives a youthful appearance to the skin and provides a dimensional natural matt finish.

Chantelle’s Top tip– Use on it’s on or over foundation. Darker shades can be bought and used as a bronzer as all mineralize powders have gold tones for that beautiful holiday look.

10. Illamasqua Shimmer lipstick shade- Underworld

Price- £14.00

This pinky violet with a blue hue shade has a real 80’s colour feel to it. This lip colour creates a different look for women of colour.

Chantelle’s Top tip- Apply MAC ‘Luster Glass’ on top to give the lips a real candy floss glossy colour.

Chantelle James @ BeautyBox Artistery


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lime and gonger

This product is Spa heaven, it really is. I try and use it at least twice a week but recently I have run out and not stocked up. It’s deffinatly showing on my skin.

Exotic lime and ginger salt glow contains the most yummy ingredients. Ginger which stimulates the metabolism and is good for toning up those stretch marks, Lime peel to energize, cleanse and purify the skin. Other great ingrediants include Sea salt, Jojoba oils, kukui and camellia all helping to regain moisture back into the skin and leaving it silky smooth. The texture of this scrub is quite grainy and oily so I recommend gentle exfoliation in circular motions. It works wonder on the legs and arms leaving them with a lovely shine when your done. Only downer with this product is that is does not come with any kind of exfoliating mit, so when your in the shower and want to apply it can sometimes run away with the shower water, I personally use this product with a moisture glove, Rubbing a small amount on to the glove and applying it to my desired body part in circular motion. It works a treat!

Ladies who suffer from those terrible in-growing hair from shaving, this product really can help.

Elemis exotic lime and ginger salt glow 410g tub- £35.00

This product won Lifescape magazine’s ‘Best body scrub’ award in 2008 and  is also the current winner  of ‘Best body scrub’ at the ‘Natural Health and Beauty Awards’ 2009.

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….. it does exactly that!!!

My combination skin can be a pain in the ass. Now im no expert but we all know that if you have combination skin a good exfoliator is needed. Me.. I have the oily T-zone area and occasionally the odd pimple pops up to say ‘hey’ if I have neglected the exfoliating regime.

My skin was looking overly grey, dull and clogged up. Ive been using this for 2 weeks now exfoliating 3 times a week, It’s amazing. The jojoba Micro beads are nice and gentle on your face, unlike other exfoliators that feel like hot tar is burning off the top layer of your skin. It also contains wild harvested seaweed, leaving my skin feeling bright, condition and best of all.. smooth like a baby’s bottom.

If you guys have the ‘Winter skin blues’ you know where to pick yourself up one of these its £7.30 but currently on offer and £5.30 in certain stores.

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