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Introducing the hottest new yoga technique launching at London’s Premier health club & spa ‘The Chelsea Club’ in Fulham.

Zero Gravity Yoga is run by Yoga expert Aisha Patterson who has taught celebs such as Pamela Anderson. This unique swing system literally turns traditional yoga practices on their head, and provides new challenges with over 100 unique poses to lead you through a journey of mind and body. Suspended from the ceiling using a cloth swing, Zero Gravity Yoga combines elements of challenge and relaxation. There is no way to get through this class without using your deep abs – from light aerobic dance moves to the supported yoga poses.

The benefits include:  


  • Body Balance – The swing connects the top of the body (the mind) with the bottom of the body (the feet) to bring about an important corporal unification which markedly improves your balance and ability to centre your mind.


  • Circulation – Inversion ups your body’s circulation which in turn slows down the ageing process, boosts the immune system and reduces stress and tension. It can also help to relieve the pressure of varicose veins, stimulate the thyroid and parathyroid, improve digestion and balance your hormones.  


  • Back and core health – Additionally, inversion therapy helps to strengthen and stretch the spine, improve posture, reduce back pain and build core strength.


  • New challenges – With over 100 new poses, Zero Gravity Yoga is physically demanding and always challenging, no matter your level. The swing will allow you to break new barriers in your yoga practice, and overcome new obstacles.

(some text taken from press release)


Zero Gravity Yoga is £30 a class for non members.

For more information visit www.thechelseaclub.com or call 0207 915 2200


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