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I came across the Lord & Berry brand whilst browsing on ASOS (as you do). Lord and Berry is a brand that is not very well known in the U.K with only one retailer (that I know of) who sells the range. Its fast becoming one of my favorite makeup brands along side NARS of course. Lord and Berry deal solely with eyes and lips and woooaahhh are the products amazing!!

Lord & Berry Active Spa Extra Care Lip Balm SPF 15 (£10) – A lip balm that provides the highest level of moisturisation, keeping your sexy pout exactly that! Also contains an SPF15 which appeals to me in a big way. I have been using this a lipstick base, I apply this about 10 mins before putting on my lippy, it really helps to keep your lipstick looking fresh whilst delivery that high level of moisture you need in these icy cold months.

Lord & Berry Black Wardrobe High Definition Volume & Treatment Mascara (12.50) – A mascara that gives you definition, volume and treats your lashes at the same time! What more would you want? Considering Lord and Berry are a brand that concentrate on lips and eyes, I can tell you that this formula is amazing!! I will add a lash picture soon 🙂

Lord & Berry 20100 Shining Long Lasting Lipstick Crayons (£8) – I LOVE these lipstick crayons, the texture is basically like a matte lipstick with a slight tinge of shining gloss coming through. I have this in the colour NUDE! Lasts long and doesn’t dry out! I recommend for sure.

Lord & Berry Black Wardrobe Raincoat Protecting Waterproof Mascara (£8.95) – Another fabulous mascara, protects your lashes whilst keeping the colour run free! If your a fan of water proof mascara you will love this one. 🙂

Lord & Berry Black Wardrobe Silk Kajal Kohl Eye Liner (£9) – I have to say that this liner is probably one of the BEST I have used! For starters it’s the longest eye pencil I have ever seen so the value for money is amazing. The pencil is thick and the colour is so saturated that it lasts for ages. It smoothly applies and feels like silk!

Lord & Berry Matte Velvet Lipstick (From £8) – I’m totally in love with these lip shades! The Red is called ‘China Red Vogue’ and the dark cherry colour is ‘Black Red Vogue’. im not much of a lipstick wearer but recently I have decided to start wearing more daring shades, these two shades are definitely VERY daring for me who normally wears a nude or very light pink lip colour. These lipsticks are amazing, you guys should check out the colours for sure!

Lord and Berry products are available from ASOS. You can also check out the latest from Lord and Berry on their site.

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Flutter Lashes was founded in 2008 by Kathryn Popplestone and is a beauty service offering eyelash extensions at the highest quality but a the most natural level. The semi-permanant procedure offers you a mascara like finish which really is show stopping!

I was asked my the fabulous Nadine at Scoop Publicity to try out Flutter lashes new mobile service program, yes that correct, mobile service. The Flutter girls will come out to you (within a certain radius) and flutterise your lashes. I met with the lovely Nicky, one of the girls who is part of the Flutter team. The mobile service means the girls have to bring their portable bed and kit around, after lugging her bed up the stairs (sorry) Nicky set up her little mini operation, as I called it (don’t be scared, there’s no needles,or pain). I discussed with Nicky what kind of look I wanted, I already have quite long lashes but it was volume I wanted more than anything, after our little discussion Nicky got to work. The procedure is very precise, my bottom lashes were taped down so they didn’t interfere and my top lashes were cleaned and primered. An individual C-curl lash is then applied one by one to each natural lash, roughly 40-90 eyelashes are applied to each eye. The synthetic lash is applied using  a very strong and specially formulated lash adhesive, the adhesive is sealed with a coating to protect from sweat, dirt and build up. Nicky was very gentle, almost to the point where I was falling asleep, the worst part is when your lashes are brushed as you can feel the pulling, this has to be done pretty often to separate the lashes. The procedure can take anything up to 2 hours all depending on what look you are going for, they last for a full life cycle of a natural lash which is usually 60 days. A touch up is recommended every 2-4 weeks.

After my procedure I sat and had a chat with Nicky over a cup of tea, Nicky is a working mum with two young kids who manages to work around her home and kids schedule. I thought it was pretty amazing as most women these days are so independent and want to work but it can be hard when you have young children. Flutter Lashes also offer a Franchise program which allows you to work when you want and how you want! To find out more visit the Flutter Lash site. Here are some before and after shots-

Before up top and after below… sorry the shots are a little blurry but at least you get a rough idea! 🙂 In all, I am inlove with my lashes! I feel sexy all day even when Ive just got up. My eyes look so awake and lashes so full, the treatment isn’t at all painful apart from a small twinge here and there! Fab service, fab lashes 🙂

A full set of eyelash extensions starts from £150- £250, with follow-up appointments from £80-£100. Flutter the Eyelash Artists operate within London and the M25 and are also available at Urban Retreat, Harrods and The Dorchester Spa London. To make an appointment with an eyelash artist or for franchise opportunities please call 01372 386312 http://www.fluttereyes.co.uk

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