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Shiseido is taking skincare and makeup to the next level in terms of technology by introducing the new ‘Makeup Simulator Mirror’ the first of its kind to be seen in Europe. Until now this revolutionary counter technology was only available in Japan and is exclusive to Selfridges!!

The new Makeup Simulator is a unique virtual make-up application device equipped with a camera that captures movement and expression in real time. This is the only machine which succeeded to reflect real movement of the user while virtually realising makeup on the face.

The Makeup Simulator automatically identifies the facial features of the user with the installed camera allowing the user to experience a virtual makeup application session by choosing from the selection of Shiseido Makeup colours available in the simulation menu. Users can then freely combine products for the eye, lip and cheek in multiple combinations to find an ideal look without having to wash their face. Shiseido will provide software updates twice annually in line with colours for the new season.

Initially launched in 1997 in Japan, the first Makeup Simulator utilised still-image technology innovated by Shiseido’s Beauty Solution Development Centre and in collaboration with Fujitsu created several versions of the device. In 2007, the first motion-sensitive camera version was achieved and subsequently introduced at Mitsukoshi department store in Ginza. Four units of the model are permanently installed at The Ginza retail shop location in Tokyo. (Some text taken from press release)

So ladies… what are your thoughts on the Virtual Mirror? Isn’t this just taking away from a Makeup artists job or making it easier?? Would love to hear your thoughts!!


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The Luxurious Lace Collection was apparently a hit on the Autumn/Winter runway shows so AVON are now giving you the chance to take the catwalk home with you and into your very own makeup bag!! The Limited Edition collection with custom Limited Edition packaging launches on the 28th October 2010 and prices start from a little as £6. So whats in the collection you ask?

Luxe Lace Ultra Colour Rich Lipstick-  Branded as the ultimate hero lipstick and available in 3 different hues for you to choose from. The Ultra Colour Rich Lipstick contains Jojoba and Vitamin E. Available in: Instant Mocha, Frostiest Mauve and Pout (£7 each)

Luxe Lace True Colour Eyeshadow Quad- As the ever so popular ‘smoky eye’ has returned to the fore front of makeup (blah) get your smoke on with this eyeshadow quad. The domed powder is well pigmented giving you colour that dramatically lasts up to 12 hours. Available in: Lace Hues and Lace Electric (£8)

Luxe Lace SuperShock Mascara- Achieve volumised lashes with this best selling mascara. It has a thickening base coat and plumping colour to make your lashes pop!! Availbale in: Black (£8)

Luxe Lace SuperShock Gel Eyeliner Pens- AVONS supersoft formula glides on easily leaving intense colour that lasts for hours. Available in Black (£6)

Ask your local AVON rep to enquire about the new range or visit  www.Avon.uk.com

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Founders Melissa Shabinsky and Alexandra Zanella created Revolution Organics to simplify their lives and make more healthy life style choices. Worried about how many products were being passed off as Organic their vision turned into a collection of healthy, pure and certified organic products which filler their beauty void. Are these two women amazing or what!!!??????!!!

I was sent some Revolution organics products and I have to say I was truly impressed. The formulation was strong, colours were perfect and above all the makeup actually lasted!!

Freedom Lipgloss- A range of amazing colours these Lip colours are Rich in Vitamins and antioxidants which leave your lips feeling lovely and moisturised with NO sticky residue. Formulated with 100% natural and 85% certified organic ingredients, the product delivers all the benefits of a lip treatment in a gorgeous gloss. The formula is free of chemicals, mineral oil, petroleum, artificial ingredients and parabens! I LOVE these lips colours… they glide of with ease and precision, the colours are perfect on first application and you do not have to cake your lips to achieve the colour you see on the box.

Freedom Glow Balm- A multi-tasking balm that can be used anywhere you like… (well not anywhere.. but you know what I mean) Suitable to use on cheeks, eyes, lips and décolletage this amazing formula provides a pop on colour when and where you need it without streaks. Great on the go products and the formula is hydrating and moisturising too. Made with 100% natural and created with 85% certified organic ingredients. Be good to your skin with Revolution Organics yummy Freedom Glow!!

To check out the range please visit Revolution Organics!

The range is very small and intimate with so much growing potential, It’s a brand I will for sure be keeping an eye on.. and am also very excited to hear that it will be launching in London very soon… so Melissa and Alexandra…. Hopefully ill see you London side very soon!! For now Keep fabulous, healthy and Organic… mucho love!!!

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Firstly I would like to say that the ELLIS FAAS lip range comes in the best packaging I have ever seen!!


Glazed Lips- Comes in various colour (please see website) The super wet, non sticky and very moisturising formula gives you a splash of transparent colour and maximum intensity. The lighter colours almost look like a lip stain. Its long lasting and contains omega 3, 6 and Vitamin E and C.  Glazed Lips- £21

Milky Lips- is available in 9 different shades it gives you an amazing subtle look with a hint of colour that really pops, apply as you wish, the more layers the intense the colour will get. I like to apply a thing layer for that real natural look ;). Milky Lips-  £21

Creamy Lips- is a full on lipstick with the WOWZA factor available in 9 different shades this velvety, soft formula will leave your lips looking so fabulous you want to kiss your own reflection!!! Click the bottom several times to load the spongy applicator at the top of the pen. Creamy lips can also be used as a lip stain just simply add a very small layer to moisturised lips (I recommend using Carmex) blot gently several times, this leave you with naturally stained lips of your desired colour.

The best thing about the ELLIS FAAS LIPS collection is not only the fabulous colours and amazing ingredients but the fabulously modern packaging it comes in, pull this out your bag and people will think your James Bond’s right hand girl!!

To check out the full range please visit ELLIS FAAS WEBSITE

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As Winter creeps on us (very fast may I add) we all have to prepare for the most annoying thing about Winter.. the bout of chapped lips!! Here are some of the good and not so!!

Carmex Mint my number one lip product, I’m a Carmex whore!! I LOVE carmex it’s by far for me the best lip product. Carmex Mint is a cool and tingly moisturising lip balm, it’s not tested on animals and has an SPF 15 to protect from sun burn!! It contains Germ killing menthol which helps to speed up the healing process. Great for winter chapped lips. I swore by the product for my lips on holiday!!!

Carmex Mint- (price varies but roughly around) £2.50

Vaseline Lip Therapy with Aloe vera– Basically something to grease your lips, I always have to reapply this over and over, it has no sun protection what so ever! I learnt this the hard way whilst running race for life, my lips were sooooo dry I had to keep re-applying and before I knew it my lips were so burnt I couldn’t even touch them! It was not an overly hot day either!! Contains Petroleum which means you are basically putting Petrol on your lips.

Vaseline Lip Therapy- £0.99p

Badger Classic Lip Balm Sticks- Made from 99% organic ingredients and USDA certified organic. Not only for lips this Balm stick can be used to relieve dry skin anywhere on the body, They also sport the antioxidant powers of Seabuckthorn Berry and Rose Hip Extracts, as well as an organic Aloe Vera Extract for added dry weather soothing. No SPF protection though 😦

Badger Classic Lip Balm Sticks- £3.00

Trilogy Everything Balm- is a multi-tasking beauty tool, it combines plant ingredients to soften, condition and soothe all skin types. Everything balm’s key ingredient certified organic Marula oil has high levels of antioxidants and is known for its skin healing properties. Everything Balm is perfect moisturiser for all over skin nourishment especially on dry cracked heels, elbows, lips and hands it also gentle enough to use on babies.

Trilogy Everything Balm- £ 12 (45ml)

Lush Double Choc Tinted Lip Balm- I must have been sent a bad batch, this lip balm was dry, I almost had a fight to get it out of the tin. So unfortunately I have nothing constructive to say!! I may have to give it a go again :p

Lush Double Choc Tinted Lip Balm- £4.95

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Founded in 2002 independent family run business ‘Pop Beauty’ offer a line of vibrant makeup with a wide range of shades. ‘Pop Beauty’ is retailed worldwide and favorite amongst celebrities including Beyonce and Kylie Minogue.

I received my ‘Pop Beauty Lip Pastel palette’ and upon opening it I was quite shocked to say the least. The outer packaging was beautiful HOWEVER the actual palette itself looked like it was designed for a 4-year-old. Baby pink plastic palette which you open to find a mirror inside with a decorated Hot pink flower border, not my cup of tea at all!!! The pallete consists of four different light reflecting, holographic formulated shades to help enhance your lip tint or to be used on their own as lip gloss. Now I can’t fault the actual formula, Its light, non-sticky, moisturising and glides on well, but the packaging is horrendous.

So ladies, what do you think ‘Hit’ Or ‘Miss’? Should ‘Pop Beauty’ rethink their packaging for an older audience? I think so!!!

‘Pop Beauty Lip Pastel’- £12. Check out the range at www.popbeauty.co.uk

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NARS have just launched their new Pure Matte lipstick range in 6 luscious colours. The modernised matte lipsticks have a high pigment so you get that stay true colour that lasts.

I scurried on down to Selfridges for the launch and a good old gossip with the makeup artists (love a good banter with a makeup artist) Now in all honesty I’m no Lipstick fan!! I mean I have to be honest right? I don’t think loud colours suit me and have always loved but never dared to try the ‘Red lips’ (I didn’t that day either). I got speaking with the lovely Dave (im sure his name was, sorry if it wasnt) who had a chat with me about the lipsticks and informed me that this was one of the largest launches from NARS this year. He applied two different shades on me Bangkok ( soft rose) and Tonkin (Cinnamon plum) I liked both colours but the Bangkok screamed at me more, its such a lovely light,and natural colour, very me indeed!

Now… when you think of matte Lipstick the first thought that comes to mind is caked and dry.. this lipstick is the opposite. Its rich texture glides on effortlessly without a trace of any cakiness. I was so shocked!

I would advise that you make sure your lips are well exfoliated before applying, ft you have dry flaky lips before you apply this lipstick they will not look very nice! Matte lipstick shows all the lumps and bumps on your lips so to save yourselves the embarrassment make sure your lips are in fabulous condition before applying :). One swipe from the lippy gives you such a great opaque colouring and if your after a darker hue apply it twice and the will colour saturate more. To my surprise the lipstick lasted (after rushing straight to the sushi bar for a bite to eat) with only a small amount missing here and there, however it was at this point I noticed the lipstick starting to dry out. Long lasting and moist it may be but being a matte lipstick it does dry out over time. I found applying a small amount of Carmex moistened the lippy up and evenly spread the colour on the missing patches so I do not have to re apply. Will there ever be a matte lipstick that conquers all our needs? maybe not but this one comes very close.

Some of the ingredients you will find in this lipstick are: Vitamin E, Acai Oil to really nourish and moisturise the lips and wild mango butter to help repair the lips from dryness and flaking.

Now available to buy from NARS at Selfridges priced at £18 each, pricey for some but worth the quality. The lipsticks are available in the following shades:

Bangkok (soft rose), Volga (Deep Aubergine), Tonkin (Cinnamon Plum), Terre De Fue (Black Cherry), Tashkent (Nude Beige) and lastly Vesuvio (Full Bodied Red).

Ladies, please let me know if you purchase.. Id love to know your thoughts and what your fave colour is :).

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