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I was invited to the Launch of ‘Davina Peace’ on Weds 20th October 2010, a luxurious but Organic Beauty brand! Luxurious and Organic are not words you hear in a sentence together, so.. wonder woman and eco- preneur ‘Davina Peace’ set out on her mission to prove to her critics that it could be done!! Whilst working at the soil association Davina gained a large amount of know-how on the wide world of organic products, she then pursued a career in marketing working at Saatchi and Saatchi! Being diagnosed with a chronic illness forced Davina to re-evaluate her lifestyle, she explored the benefits of nutrition and the impact it would have on her well-being and adopted a strictly organic diet, she also grew fond of using organic beauty products but being the girly girl she is, she did not find the luxury she wanted in the so-called Organic beauty brands she was using, that’s when ‘Davina Peace’ the luxurious and Organic beauty brand was born.

Let me introduce you to the fabulous Body and Home range from ‘Davina Peace’:

Body Cream 70% Organic (Soil Association certified) £55 175ml- Thick, rich and indulgent are the words used to describe this yummy body cream. On application it immediately moisturises whilst also giving the skin a more taut appearance. The luxurious feel and texture is achieved through the unique properties of UK origin Crambe Oil. Long term use will improve overall tone, texture and taughtness of the skin. Massage daily after bath/shower, concentrate of dry and concern areas. The smell is amazing and uplifting and in my own words this cream feels like butter when applied. Its thick and creamy and glides on with ease. Fragrances you can smell include: Organic Chamomile, Organic Geranium, Organic Vanilla extract and many more!!

Key Organic Ingredients: Organic Aloe Vera, Organic Indonesian Kendi Oil, Organic Cocoa ButTer, Organic Shea Butter and Organic Glycerin.

Body Oil 70% Organic (Soil Association certified) £45 100ml-

Davina says ” Like liquid gold for your skin, this year round skin beautifier contains powerful, natural repairing properties that are perfect for winter healing, sun soothing or everyday skin nourishment”

An all year round beauty elixir which contains the finest organic repairing oils such as: Organic Jojoba oil to help enhance skin’s elasticity, Organic Borage Oil, Organic Safflower which helps to replenish moisture and many more. UK origin Crambe Oil provides the product its luxurious glide on sensation without leaving an oily residue. Massage into skin after a nice hot bath or shower, great for evening usage as the smell is very relaxing. Apply a generous amount all over the body and problem dry areas.

Key Organic Ingredients: Organic safflower, Organic Borage oil, Organic Jojoba oil and Organic Indonesian Kendi oil.

Hand Cream 79% Organic (Soil Association certified) £28 75ml- A natural healer for your hands, this luxurious hand cream is softening, repairing and anti-aging. Contains black oat and soy active which helps to keep your hands moisturised all day. This intensely hydrating formula  shows an immediate response on application leaving dry, chapped hands feeling smooth, soft and more youthful. Ladies keep this hand cream locked up in your purse…it may just disappear once you have off some to a fellow friend, or work colleague!! Apply on to skin when needed, particularly after washing your hands.

Key Organic Ingredients: Organic Safflower Oil, Organic Borage Oil,  Organic Aloe Vera Leaf and Organic Green Tea.

Memory No.3 Spiced Punch £36 190g-

Davina says ” The comforting and hearty scent of sweet spices and uplifting orange will envelope your home with warmth even on the coldest winter’s day”

It’s like Christmas in a candle, this amazingly scented candle has a lovely warming smell which fills up the room. Great relaxing burner after a long day of work on a cold Winter evening. Curl up on the couch with a cup of hot whatever you like to drink, cosy socks, your favorite movie and this amazing candle burning in the background!! WOWZA Puuurrrffceccttt!!!

Here are some images from the launch evening-

The amazing box which states all the ingredients.. with the words.. “and that’s all” at the end!!

Myself and the Fabulous Davina Peace herself!!

Myself, Guest Blogger and Nutritional Advisor Dionne Cruickshank, Farrah Gray (Makeupitgirl) and the lovely Davina Peace!

The amazing cupcakes! :p

The Davina Peace range is available to buy online at www.davinapeace.com and will be sold exclusively at Harrods launching on the 1st November 2010!


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As the weather drastically changes from the rays of Summer to the crisp of Autumn, we notice one thing that always seems to suffer and that the havoc the wintery blows wreak on our skin and hands. As the weather changes so suddenly here in London I always find my skin suffers with the climate change.

ARK have created the perfect solution to look after those precious paws throughout the winter months and beyond. The fast absorbing formula instantly soothes dry, irritated hands whilst protecting them. This Hero hand cream’s concentrated moisturising action helps to reduce brown spots  caused by aging and excessive exposure to sunlight it also helps to diminish signs of dehydrated brittle nails. This product really does live up to its hype. The cream is lovely and soft and absorbs completely on application leaving no residue or stickiness, it deeply moisturises your mits keeping them well moisturised throughout with only applications needed after using the ladies room of course and those, who like me, like to excessively wash your hands!!

Ladies get your hands on ARK Anti-aging Hand & Nail cream (£18.55 75ml) to keep your paws looking fresh, sexy and smooth. visit www.arkskincare.com

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The new Orly Cosmic FX Collection is an amazing colourful and vibrant collection. Infused with natural rock minerals, crystals and glass to give nails a special optical effect. Sparkle this coming party season with these fabulous Lighting nail colours!!!

The polish is long wearing and near enough completely chip free, there are 6 amazing shocking colours to choose from each with their own twist of individuality. I have been wearing ‘Galaxy Girl’ and ‘It’s Not Rocket Science’ which I have to mention are spot on to the colours I would have chosen for myself (Thanks Camilla) ‘Galaxy Girl’ is a fabulous aubergine colour with hints of blues and greens and ‘Its Not Rocket Science’ is an amazing Henna green with purple hues, both versatile colours that really pop. I have had so many compliments when seen out in the colours.

So ladies, If you’re looking for that extra sparkle check out the new Orly Cosmic FX Collection. You wont be sorry!!! www.orlybeauty.co.uk

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Where do I begin…..????? Well to start off with how much of a HUUUGGGEEEE fan I am of Dashing Diva Nails, I was introduced to the brand by its PR company about a month ago. Dashing Diva was all over New York Fashion week (coverage can seen on previous posts)

The nail colours are amazing, long-lasting and do not chip!!

Colours from the left: Pier 39, Tibi Couture, Dark PR, Fashion Week, Miranda’s Law and Penthouse Views. To check out the wide range of fabulous nail colours please visit www.dashingdiva.com

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All throughout fashion week Chrome nails took charge!! After the very popular and coveted Minx manicure Broadway Nails brings us a glue-on chrome nail that’s long-lasting and looks exactly like the ever famous ‘Minx Manicure’.

Broadway Chrome nails come in a longer length which can be trimmed and filed to any desired size, shape or length. The glue on kit contains 24 nails per box in 12 different sizes to ensure the perfect fit every time! No mess or fuss and best of all no DAMAGE! To remove simply soak your nails in accetone nail polish remover. I also advise buffing off the excess glue left on your nails then follow by a nail and cuticle oil.

Broadway Chrome Nails- $5.99

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Vamp up your Halloween costumes with the very daring and out there nail collection by kiss. Perfect to compliment the scariest of outfits to make you stand out from the crowd!

The Kiss Halloween Nail Kit includes 24 nails in 12 sizes giving you the PERFECT fit. Nails are easily removed by running your hands under warm water and there is no Nail damage if taken off with precision and care. Excess glue can be buffed off and I suggest applying a nail oil treatment for cuticle’s.

on sale from the 1st October, for your nearest stockist please visit www.kissusa.com

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Celebrity nail technician Pattie Yankee and the team from Dashing Diva Nails helped kick-start Fashion’s Night out on Tuesday 7th September at The Lincoln centre in New York. Here are some of the following nail trends that I’m excited to report to you all.

Please note, the following images are Copyright Eric Yu and should not be copied or used under any circumstances!


The Dashing Diva team working on Top model Giselle

Rock Chic inspired models wore Penthouse Views Metallic nail Polish

The Jazz- age cool models wore  Burgendy shade Dark PR perfect for the dramatic look.

Pure at Heart and the Fifties Flair inspired models wore the popular Fashion Week polish, a beautiful sheer pink shade and a runway fave.

I will be reviewing these colours for you over the next few weeks so keep an eye out. Dashing Diva Polishes are available from www.dashingdiva.com

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