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I have just returned from a fabulous holiday in Greece.. and lets face it, at this time of the year a healthy glowing tan is needed to make you look a lot less pasty in the freezing cold weather that is always expected in England!!

I contacted BeauBronze a few weeks back as I was curious about their range, it was the first holistic sunless tanning company I had heard of. I was put in touch with the lovely Hazel who sent me the new ‘try me’ kit. I’ve been using the range the last couple of days and I can honestly say im rather impressed. Theres NO smell and when I say NO I mean NO smell at all.. most sunless tanning companies always feed you the bullshit about how their products don’t smell and before you know it you’ve applied the fake tan and you smell like a dog’s ass!!!

The brand is a little secret passed on amongst celebs, beauty professionals and those in the know!! The company was started in 2004 by Abigail Oleck, a beauty TV presenter. As the brand got more and more popular Abi became the Infamous Spray Tanner to the stars and has appeared on shows such as This morning, Gok’s Fashion Fix and The School Of Wag’s. BeauBronz is also now the official Spray Tan for The Miss Great Britain Competition. So… Lets check out the products

Exfoliese: Contains Lemon, Pineapple and Grape extracts and organic Aloe Vera to help prepare the skin to get an even tan application. Spray this magic product all over the body before you apply your sunless tanning cream concentrating on areas such as knee’s and elbow’s. I LOVE this product.. it really does help removes all impurities from the skin. As we all know, if you have not exfoliated your sunless tanning cream is very likely to be patchy, you really have to do the leg work for that amazing looking streak free tan. BeauBronz makes this so much easier as the exfoliator is a spray on instead of  a scrub!!

Bronzing Tanning Cream: An intensely moisturising Self Tanning cream. Contains Orgainic Aloe Vera, Shea Butter, Organic DHA to provide deep mositurising, light weight tanning cream which also contains a light cosmetic bronzer for that extra glow. Again a brilliant, easy, no fuss tanning cream and best of all NO smell!!!!!

Tan Extender: protects and extends your sunless tan, contains the highest quality moisturising ingredients including coconut oil and organic DHA. Ensuring your tan sticks around longer than usual and fades evenly. Hazel recommended that I use this to maintain my Sun tan, I have been using this all week and my tan has not faded at all if anything it has allowed it to keep that initial bronzy glow you get.

Dark Bronzing Mousse: A couture Tanning Mousse which contains 100% natural ingredients and is completely fragrance and alcohol free. The Bronzing Mousse has an advanced blend of the purest DHA and Erythruolose for a natural looking golden tan. It also contains cosmetic bronzers that act as a guide for easy application. I’ve not had a chance to try this out as yet but soon as I do I will add a little review 🙂

So ladies.. If you are fed up of sunless tanning creams and want something a little more skin friendly with more precision?  I urge you try BeauBronze. Also available is a newly Launched ‘Try Me’ kit which is perfect when trying out a new range.

Please visit the BeauBronze site for more info on stockists. BeauBronze is also available to buy On QVC!


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I received some samples of the He-Shi Tanning range about a week ago. Let me start by saying how I long to find a decent self tanning product for the face. I have in the past used Fake bake Instant wash off premium tan for face and body but never really got on with it, every time I applied it was so patchy I would rinse it off straight away. (What a waste of money)

He-Shi’s light gel formula is both moisturising  and easy to apply, I was so happy with the results!!! I have medium tone olive skin (I come from an Indian background but am very fair) In the winter I find my face is always so pale so I am always looking for that extra pick me up glow. The He-Shi tanning gel is AMAZING!!!! It glides on so easily without any blotches or patches. It is advised to use this product with a mit for even application but I use my hands and still get a great even application (Always wash your hands immediately after).  The face tanning gel is rich in Omega 9 castor oil which helps to leave your skin silky smooth and Vitamin B5 for deep moisturisation, helping with cell metabolism and cell turn over and lastly improving the condition of your skin. Ladies and Gents I highly recommend this No-fuss Tanning face gel. Ladies it is known that whilst using this most woman dont need to wear foundation!!!

Move over Fake Bake… He-Shi is TAKING OVER!!!!!!

Priced £12.50 for 100ml www.he-shi.co.uk

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As London Fashion Week kicks off today and while our fashionista’s and catwalk queens strut their stuff on the Runway, Wahanda gives us all the opportunity to achieve that Front-Row fabulosity.

If you’re wondering what is Wahanda well… Wahanda is your one stop shop to all things health, beauty and skincare. providing an intuitive and easy-to-use website to learn about treatments (everything from acupuncture, facials and massages to Pilates, nutrition and personal training), share ratings and reviews, and book the hottest deals, gifts and offers from the most comprehensive listing of spas, salons, studios and fitness centres across the globe, all with the simple click of a mouse.

Wahanda is offering the following exclusive offers at the salons listed below that you won’t find anywhere else.

For more information please visit www.wahanda.com

Get pampering ladies… offers like this dont come often 🙂

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So excited about receiving a package from BeauBronze, look at the bag aint it just fabulous? The program seems so specific I cant wait to get using it.  Also, as you all know I have a strong fondness to Organic skincare and this is the first (that I know of) organic tanning range. I’m also looking forward to meeting Abi herself in a few weeks, it will be fab to sit and have a good old natter about her range. Keep tuned people.. you never know, BeauBronze maybe your next favorite self tanning product.

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