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Patricia catapulted into fame during and post the huge success of the sex and the city phenomenon. This exclusive collection is due to launch in the London flagship store, mid December 20101 How exciting.. I so need to see this collection so I can get all upfront and personal with it! :p

Patricia has kept this collection quirky with only a hint of SATC style! I’m loving the mixture of colours and textures and I so want one the bag that Theodora is wearing!

What do you think you? Yay or nay to this Limited edition collection!!

(Images provided by PR and shold not be used under any circumstances)

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You all know BeautyWowza very well by now (If you don’t, you better get to know)! Before I started BeautyWowza I actually use to also blog about shoes www.wowzashoes.wordpress.com, however up keeping two blogs will just be a pain in my ever so busy ass! I have decided to merge ‘Wowshoes’  along side a new edition ‘WowzaFashion’ to my BeautyWowza site!!

There will be a whole load of a mix going on here… so join the party and tell ya friends about me!!! In the meantime I’ll leave you with my most recent  Photoshoot! Enjoy

All images are protected under CopyRight law and should NOT be used under any circumstances! CopyRight Priya Sonn 2010!

phototgraphy & post production- Priya Sonn (myself), Styling- Wacey Style, Model- N.Warner, Makeup- Chantelle (Glamzini), Hair- Elbie!


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Indulge in some of the finest skincare treats bought to you by DARPHIN. Derived from over 50 years of expertise, experience the art of pampering and see the instant results! 
DARPHIN’S amazing bespoke Christmas gift sets will see you, a friend or a loved one through Christmas and beyond!   

Stars of Beauty Bright RRP £35.00 – DARPHIN’S most hydrating personal at -home skincare treats.


  • NEW Hydraskin Essential 50ml – Revitalises the skin’s hydration, maintains water balance and prevents water loss so skin appears nourished, replenished and radiant.
  • Azahar Cleansing Micellar Water 50ml – Mild-all-in-one cleanser for face, eyes and lips.
  • Hydraskin Intensive Moisturising Serum 5ml – An intensive serum that instantly hydrates leaving skin supple, soft and radiant.
  • Rose Aromatic Care 3ml – this soothing aromatic care softens, smoothes and guards against free radical damage.
  • Darphin Headband – this professional Velcro headband adjusts to all sizes.

 Soothing Stars RRP £54.00 – To help smoothe the most sensitive of skins

  • Intral Redness Relief Recovery Cream 30ml – Soothes and replenishes skin whilst helping to protect against environmental aggressions.
  • Intral Redness Relief Soothing Serum 30ml – This soothing serum helps to reduce the appearance of redness to leave skin comforted and calm.
  • Cleansing Milky Emulsion with Verbena 4ml – Gently cleanses and protects skin, whilst relieving the feelings of discomfort often prone to sensitive skin types.
  • Chamomile Aromatic Care 3ml – Nourishes and calms sensitive skin prone to redness and irritations.

Stars in Your Eyes RRP £39.00 – DARPHIN’S most advance formulations for all your eye concerns

  • NEW Wrinkle Corrective Eye Contour Cream 15ml – This silky-soft cream helps minimise the appearance of wrinkles and prevents their formation while restoring eye contour radiance and suppleness.
  • Azahar Cleansing Water 50ml – Mild all-in-one cleanser for face, eyes and lips.
  • Lifting and Firming Eye Serum 1.5ml – This intensive eye serum absorbs quickly to help firm the delicate eye area and reduce the appearance of lines and wrinkles, giving eyes a beautiful youthful lifted look.
  • Darphin Waffle Eye Mask – a fabulous bespoke ‘Bonne Nuit’ Darphin eye mask.

Stars of Wonder RRP £75.00 Smooths and helps to re capture a youthful looking complexion.


  • Predermine Densifying Anti-Wrinkle Cream 50ml – Sumptuously rich, delectable, wrinkle-defying cream densifies skin for a plumper appearance and smoothes lines and wrinkles as it nourishes dry skin and renews elasticity and resilience.
  • Age-Defying Dermabrasion 15ml – A combination of completely naturally sourced exfoliating ingredients that respect even the most sensitive skin.
  • NEW Predermine Firming Wrinkle Repair Serum 2ml – The newest and most advanced addition to the age-defying range. The Smart Firming System helps to visibly reduce wrinkles so skin appears more plump, radiant and firmer to the touch.
  • Jasmine Aromatic Care 3ml – Softens, nourishes and smoothes mature skin.


Buy online ay www.Darphin.co.uk





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The magic of Dr. Bronner’s is its affordability and versatility. Famous for its 18 uses from 1 bottle this liquid soap at £4.99 per 236ml bottle is worth a try.

So for me, being more of a lover of shower gels and creams, I was quite dubious whether to try Dr Bronner’s Bottle of Magic. Like many others, soaps have a tendency to leave the skin feeling dry and almost leather like, which is a horrible feeling after a soothing bath, when you should be feeling like silk….but here goes… 


Check out Dr Bronner’s “18in1” uses as listed on his products…..Impressive!

  1. Shave
  2. Shampoo
  3. Dental
  4. Soap bath
  5. Peppermint is nature’s own unsurpassed fragrant Deodorant!
  6. A drop is best Mint Toothpaste; brushes Dentures Clean!
  7. A dash in water is the ideal Breath Freshener & Mouth Wash!
  8. Peppermint Oil Soap for Dispensers, Uniforms, Baby, Beach!
  9. Dilute for ideal  Body Rub
  10. Foot Bath
  11. Douche
  12. Hot Towel-Massage the entire body, always towards your heart.
  13. Pets
  14. Silk, wool, washing clothes and dishes
  15. Body tingles head to toe – keeps cool!
  16. 3 dashes in water rinse most Sprays Off fruit & vegetables!
  17. 1/4 oz in qt H2O is Pest Spray!
  18. Dash, no rash Diaper-Soap!

It comes in 8 main varieties, the original being the famous tingly peppermint – followed by Lavender, Eucalyptus, Citrus, Almond, Rose, unscented Baby Mild and Tea Tree which can even be used to treat minor cuts. Dr Bronner’s Pure Magic Soap has NO synthetic foaming agents, thickeners, preservatives, fragrances, dyes or whiteners. The soaps are made with certified Fair Trade and organic ingredients sourced from India and its packaging is completely biodegradable.

So ……with my bottle of the original Dr Bronner’s Peppermint liquid soap in hand, I took to the bathroom to test 2 of its recommended uses!!

Soap bath – standing up and washing at a sink is not my idea of relaxing so I moved this method from the sink to the bath! Adding just 3 drops to hot running water the fresh peppermint scent masked my bathroom! “Breathing deeply” as advised on the bottle I laid back, relaxed, inhaled and exhaled and was instantly relaxed. Almost like a decongestant, Dr Bronner’s Magic Soap opened up the sinuses, and made my nose tingle. This would be great natural product or clearing the mind if you have cold/flu symptoms. But…enough about relaxing and onto the cleaning! This magic liquid soap has a surprisingly rich lather for such a thin and initially watery product due to its very high coconut oil content and again just a few drops of the liquid onto a loofah, sponge or into the palm of your hand is enough for the entire body.  It cleans the skin effortlessly leaving body feeling fresh and tingling. With so many cleaning powers for the body and your home the soap is in no way abrasive as maybe expected. In fact its the complete opposite. Importantly for me it did not leave my skin dry or leathery. I wouldn’t say it was as moisturising as shower creams etc, but for a formula that is a soap and not promoted for its moisturising properties, my skin was surprisingly soft and the tingly sensation lasts once dry.

Shampoo  – I would recommend using Dr Bronner’s Magic Soap as a shampoo for cleanliness only.  It lathers well on hair and cleans just as well as any other shampoo. Being an “18in1” bottle it would be great for those travelling with the need for minimal luggage or those of you who place no emphasis on having silky/shiny hair. But for those who like to replicate that salon feeling, unfortunately I would not recommend this as a shampoo. It did the cleaning job, but it left my hair feeling dry and brittle which was not a good feeling. although my hair smelt fabulous, it was not so fab to touch.

Check out Dr Bronner’s magic Soaps at www.drbronner.com There is a wide range of goodies to buy! Feel free to contact me on Deeheartsnutri@gmail.com Twitter: DeeHeartsNutri



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Above is a few of my fave Self portraits 🙂

Copy Right Priya sonn www.priyasonn.com

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I’ve been hearing a lot of talk recently about how certain companies are very reluctant on giving out samples to bloggers. Why?? well… where do I start? It’s because of the individuals I like to call ‘The Beauty Blaggers’  Bloggers that blag their way into getting samples off  respected companies and then sell them to make a quick buck.

I’m a full-time Beauty and Fashion photographer who has a passion for beauty and good skincare, after falling ill 3 years ago my skin suffered so badly I decided to seek out skincare companies that would help my skin regain its youthful glow, once I started getting back into work all my models, Makeup artists etc would always ask me what skincare brand I use and what I was doing to get my skin looking so radiant. I would go on to tell them my recent finds and what really worked for me. It then became a regular thing where I was receiving emails from followers of my work who would ask the same kind of questions hence why I started my blog. Even though I’m a busy London woman I write a blog because of my passion for good healthy skincare and the best cosmetics. I really feel that these so called beauty bloggers should be ashamed of themselves, yes as bloggers we may receive free samples but in return we do a whole lot more, we as consumers give an honest opinion on the latest products that are launched, let’s be honest, are you really going to get an honest opinion from the girl who selling you the brand on the counter? No.. she is going to tell you that the product you are buying is the best thing in the world and if that were the case then everything would be perfect and the world would be such an amazing place. Lets face it, not everything we buy is perfect nor does it always work. As beauty bloggers we are here to review products and give you an honest opinion on our findings. We also boost sales of  the products we blog about thus helping the company and we also advertise said products too. I honestly think that Beauty bloggers are not always given the credit and respect that they do actually deserve. Were not all painted with the same brush I can assure you. So on a last note ‘Beauty Blaggers’ stop giving us honest Bloggers a bad name!! We do what we do through our Love for blogging not to make a quick buck 🙂 Enough said!!!

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As well as being a beauty blogger I am also a photographer, here are some of my favorite latest images by me from latest shoots. Enjoy 🙂

All images in this post are under copyright right law. They should NOT be used, copied or taken under any circumstances. Legal action will be taken if individuals are found to have done so. Copyright Priya Sonn 2010 www.priyasonn.com

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