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One of my all time favorite lip colours… an amazing colur of pinky purple that really gives your lips that lovely plump look. It’s not sticky gloss either which is always good. In the past I have wasted money on lip glosses that go straight in the trash for that very reason.

I really do recommend this colour- It’s also great if you layer your lips lightly with some foundation or concealor it really does dramatically change the colour.

Benefit: Kiss me lip gloss price tbc

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I have combination skin with that all so annoying oily T-zone. I discovered Dr feel Good a few years back and Im sure glad I did. It’s probably one of the best products to keep your oily skin at bay without clogging up your pores or causing spots. You basically apply a small amount to your face after your moisturizer with the sponge applicator that comes with the product. Try not to over use  you can get a powdery residue on your face which can be quite annoying. All depending on how oily your skin is you’ll know how much you need to apply. It’s also great for filling in fine lines and wrinkles on your face.

All in all…. a great base to start off with before you apply your makeup.


Benefit Dr Feel good- £19.50

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