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I’ve been hearing a lot of talk recently about how certain companies are very reluctant on giving out samples to bloggers. Why?? well… where do I start? It’s because of the individuals I like to call ‘The Beauty Blaggers’  Bloggers that blag their way into getting samples off  respected companies and then sell them to make a quick buck.

I’m a full-time Beauty and Fashion photographer who has a passion for beauty and good skincare, after falling ill 3 years ago my skin suffered so badly I decided to seek out skincare companies that would help my skin regain its youthful glow, once I started getting back into work all my models, Makeup artists etc would always ask me what skincare brand I use and what I was doing to get my skin looking so radiant. I would go on to tell them my recent finds and what really worked for me. It then became a regular thing where I was receiving emails from followers of my work who would ask the same kind of questions hence why I started my blog. Even though I’m a busy London woman I write a blog because of my passion for good healthy skincare and the best cosmetics. I really feel that these so called beauty bloggers should be ashamed of themselves, yes as bloggers we may receive free samples but in return we do a whole lot more, we as consumers give an honest opinion on the latest products that are launched, let’s be honest, are you really going to get an honest opinion from the girl who selling you the brand on the counter? No.. she is going to tell you that the product you are buying is the best thing in the world and if that were the case then everything would be perfect and the world would be such an amazing place. Lets face it, not everything we buy is perfect nor does it always work. As beauty bloggers we are here to review products and give you an honest opinion on our findings. We also boost sales of  the products we blog about thus helping the company and we also advertise said products too. I honestly think that Beauty bloggers are not always given the credit and respect that they do actually deserve. Were not all painted with the same brush I can assure you. So on a last note ‘Beauty Blaggers’ stop giving us honest Bloggers a bad name!! We do what we do through our Love for blogging not to make a quick buck 🙂 Enough said!!!

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