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Ciaté is a new British brand founded and developed by celebrity manicurist Charlotte Straughan. Charlotte’s many years experience on the catwalk and In salon has given her the know how on how to develop a Nail paint that works and lasts. Having already launched ‘ciaté feet treats’ and ‘Manicure must haves’ they have now introduced a fabulous range of Nail polishes called ‘Ciaté paint pots’ in 35 amazing colours.

Ciaté paint pots feature a unique optimum 250 flat bristle brush giving you an even, neat and precise finish.

I’ve been wearing ‘Mistress’ from the ‘Reds’ range and have to agree that the brush does leave you with a very neat finish. The nail looks smooth and brush stroke free, leaving my nails looking sexy and smooth.

Being a hygiene freak I tend to wash my hands a numerous amount of times throughout the day. Most nail enamels I apply chip on the very first day of application after my excessive hand washing but Ciaté paint pots didn’t chip at  all. I also swim twice a week and chlorine wreaks havoc on my manicure but the colour did not fade or chip, it passed the chlorine test with flying colours. I noticed the first signs of chips on the 5th day, for me this is amazing results. The only downer I found was that the varnish itself is very thin, after two applications I could still see my nail underneath so a third layer had to be applied.

Check out the Ciaté paint pots (£9) at www.ciate.co.uk, they really do have some mouth watering colours. Let me know what colours are your faves ladies 🙂

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