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Since its inception in 1994 ‘Votivo’ has built a strong reputation for high quality candles and fragrances for the home. These amazing Candles are said to be favorite of amongst the likes of P.Diddy and the queen of pop herself Madonna.

‘The Dalian collection’ (as pictured above) is a recent launch fromVotivo. Taken its name from the Chinese region of Dalian, The collection is well present in unique packaging. Each candle is hand-crafted with natural soy-Blend Wax and comprises of a unique scent, formulated and layered to reflect richness and intricacy. Each Dalian collection candle has a burning life of up to 65 hours.

The Dalian Collection: £39.00 per 241g candle. www.Votivo.co.uk 


 ‘The  Colour collection’ (as pictured above) is another recent release from Votivo. A deeply beautiful group of 8 neon glass candles each hand-crafted and hand packed, each with their own individual smell to fill your home, office or bathroom with an invigorating aroma. Blended with the finest wax and rich fragrances. Each aromatic soy based candle will burn for more than 500 hours.  

 The ‘Votivo Colour Collection’ is made up of eight scents; Amber Essence, Greenpepper Coriander, Lemon Desertflower,Orange Gelato, Pink Tangerine, Red Currant, Sheer Water Lily and Deep Violet.

Votivo Colour Collection are £28 and available at www.Votivo.co.uk   

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