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I love this product, but probably for all the wrong reasons… Now most of you probably use this as a full on concealer, I dont!! Not sure if anyone has noticed, this product has lots of light reflecting qualities so when you apply it as a full on concealer you may think you look ok but when your on a night out and somebody takes a picture OH JHEEZ!! You look like you have two light bulbs shining underneath your eyes. So I use it as a highlighter instead, I apply a small amount on top of my concealer just to highlight certain areas under the eyes. I also use it to highlight my cheek bones, another fab tip, try using it underneath your favorite lipgloss/lipstick it really lifts the colour and gives you really fabulous full looking lips.

Ok so I know it’s a little pricey at £23 a pop, and on another downer the colours they stock are ridiculous, their colours come in numbers, 1 being the lightest and 3 being the darkest. My olive pale skin can handle no.2 just about but really I would like to wear no.3 if it wasnt such a nasty orange colour. I would love them to bring out more colours for different skin. Also you cannot get colours n0.2 and n0.3 unless you are buying from duty-free or at selfridges. If your lucky you can bag an online bargain of this product from as little as £13 if you look in the right places, duty-free always works out cheaper too.

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