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I’m really excited to have My good friend Chantelle James (www.Beautyboxartistry.com) professional makeup artist giving me monthly updates on her favorite products and top tips on how to use them. Chantelle and I work very closely together on photoshoot’s, you can see some of our work at my photography portfolio www.pritography.com.

Chantelle has given me 10 of her current favorite products and tips on how to use them.. Here we go-

1. Elizabeth Arden 8 Hour cream

Price- £22.00

Elizabeth Arden 8 hour cream helps to fight against chapped lips (great for those wintery lips) and leaves skin feeling silky smooth and well conditioned. The 8 hour cream is also great for burnt, irritated and dry skin.

Chantelle’s Top tip- Apply all over the face including lips first thing after your morning cleansing routine, this will throughly condition your skin and prepare it for your makeup.

2. MAC fix + spray

Price- £11.00

Fix + is a hydration spray made from spring water, vitamins and minerals. Some ingredient’s include: camomile, cucumber and green tea.

Chantelle’s Top tip- Spray before applying your moisturiser, this will help to hydrate your skin leaving it supple and smooth. This is great preparation for your base makeup. Hydrated skin does not drink your makeup therefore allowing your makeup to last longer throughout the day.

3. MAC SPF50 Primer

Price- £19.50

Mac’s SPF50 Primer is great for oily/combination skin. This primer will keep makeup looking fresh and will give makeup longevity, it also helps the skin to produce less sebum helping to prevent clogged pores and spots. Mulberry root extract is one of the ingredient’s used in this product, it helps to tone down skin redness.

Chantelle’s Top tip- Apply on a daily basis on top of your moisturiser for maximum effect.

4. Bobbi Brown Lip Crayons

Price- £18.00

Creamy and full coverage, this product looks like a jumbo lip pencil but is a glossy lipstick with great precision.

Chantelle’s Top tip- Great for a girl on the go. There is no fuss as you have a lip pencil, gloss and lipstick all in one.

My favorite shades:

Honey suckle for Light/pale skin tones

Raisen Berry- Darker/chocolate skin tones

5. Estee Lauder Pure colour eyeshadow colour- Mink

Price- £14.00

This eyeshadow is the yummiest darkest, deepest shade of brown, great for a dark smokey eye look without being overly dark or looking black.

Chantelle’s Top tip- Apply base concealer and buff in the ‘Mink’ eyeshadow.Finish with lining your eye with a black ‘Khol’ liner and smudge in for a smoky effect.

6. MAC eyeshadow in colours  Brown Script and Symmetry

Price- £11.0 each

Chantelle’s uses these colours as blusher’s instead of eyeshadow.

Brown Script- A beautiful shade of reddish-brown great for contouring the darkest of skin tones

Symmetry- Great for contouring Light/pale skin tones

Chantelle’s Top tip- Use an angled blusher brush or a small kabuki brush to contour the hollows on the cheek. For maximum effect use natural hair brushes only.


7. YSL Lip Baume Exfoliant (lip exfoliator)

Price- £18.00

This amazing lip exfoliator contains strawberry and brown sugar grains that eliminate dead skin cells. It is also enriched with chorea butter which intensely nourishes the lips.

Chantelle’s Top tip- Use a small amount and apply to the lips in circular motions. Once the dead skin has started to peel away leave the lotion on your lips for around 2-4 minutes, this will allow conditioning time for your lips. Follow by using Elizabeth Arden 8 hour cream on the lips.

8. Bobbi Brown Long wear Gel Liner

Price- £14.00

This award is a multi awardwinning liner. A gel based formula which is used with a liner brush.

Chantelle’s favorite shade- Ivy shimmer Ink: It dries with a very glitzy glam effect.

Chantelle’s Top tip- Use it on a night out for minimum effort maximum effect.

9. MAC Mineralize skin finish/Natural

Price- £17.50

A face powder with minerals which are good for nourishing the skin. This product gives a youthful appearance to the skin and provides a dimensional natural matt finish.

Chantelle’s Top tip– Use on it’s on or over foundation. Darker shades can be bought and used as a bronzer as all mineralize powders have gold tones for that beautiful holiday look.

10. Illamasqua Shimmer lipstick shade- Underworld

Price- £14.00

This pinky violet with a blue hue shade has a real 80’s colour feel to it. This lip colour creates a different look for women of colour.

Chantelle’s Top tip- Apply MAC ‘Luster Glass’ on top to give the lips a real candy floss glossy colour.

Chantelle James @ BeautyBox Artistery


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