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A clinically proven system that gives you salon professional quality in your own home, what more could you possibly want?

This easy to use system with touch screen and applicator makes hair removal a breeze, tailored to your skin and hair type just simply select the options that apply to you and off you go. It is suitable to use on the face and body (excluding eyebrows).

How it works

Light emitted during the flash from the applicator is absorbed by the melanin in your skin which is then converted into thermal energy. This heat penetrates deep into the vessel of the hair follicle causing it to fall out and never grow back again. This technology is being introduced into high-end salons and used by many hair removal therapists.

The system promises to leave you hair free within 10-12 treatments, with only one or two touch ups a year to maintain silky smooth hairless skin. The first initial treatment takes up to 1 week before you start to see the results. After 4 weeks from your first inital treatment you will notice patches of hair growing back, this will require a touch up session.

The appealing system comes in a number of  snazzy colours, it has a friendly feel to it unlike other hair removal systems which can be daunting to use. The pain-free aspect of the system is what appeals to me the most, after you get over the initial first zap of shock you come to realise the system isn’t actually at all painful, you place the applicator on the desired area after choosing your desired settings and of course putting on your safety goggles and away you go. You’ll hear a beeping noise and then a pulse of heat, that’s all there is to it.

Treatments should have a gap of 6-8 weeks, during this time you continue to shave if you wish, gradually you notice less and less hair.

A truly amazing system which really does make hair removal of this kind appealing.

Retail RRP £1450 (approx) , but in the long run you save money as treatments with this technology in a salon do not come cheap.

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