I received the ‘Cupcake’ mask from Lush yesterday and seen as though it has a 3 week shelf life  as it is freshly made I had myself a little pampering session with it.

The smell is gorgeous, I just wanted to eat it. It contains ingredients such as Rhassoul Mud which has a natural foaming, de-greasing action which acts as a natural shampoo to cleanse the skin and Cocoa powder and spearmint which both work in harmony with the Rhassoul Mud to remove dirt and leave your skin feeling refreshed.

The product needs to be kept refrigerated. Apply evenly to the face and rinse of after 10 minutes. If you don’t like mess then this mask is not for you. The mask dries very quickly so when you are rinsing it off it gets all yucky and peels off and your bathroom will be a n a bit of a state afterwards. The texture of the mask is bitty almost like you have crush a fruit and nut chocolate bar and put it on your face. After rinsing the mask off you do notice how smooth your face looks. I would recommend this mask for teenage skin as it really helps to rid excess oil and helps  with break outs. In all I think its worth the fuss and mess, the results are great 🙂

Lush Cupcake – £4.95 (Make sure you keep this in the fridge and please not it only has a 3 week shelf life) www.lush.co.uk

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