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Hey guys… Id like to introduce to you the new guest blogger for BeautyWowza ‘Dionne Cruickshank’! Myself and Dionne go way back… but im not here to bore you about our ever so fun teenage years.. well actually the stories are not boring at all.. but ill leave those for another post :p

After giving birth to her beautiful son ‘Elijah’ 4 years ago she slowly began getting back to work and building a career, she realised that being healthy was something of great importance for her and her family and decided to take it further.

I’ve always admired Dionne’s strength when it comes down to parenting, she’s an individual I look up to and I really hope im half the mother she is one day! Dionne has always adopted a healthy approach when it comes down to Elijah’s diet.. he’s a boy who loves his food (when I say love, I literally mean LOVE… he’s eats out my whole fridge) A strict diet of healthy balanced food is always on the menu at Casa De Cruickshank (Stephenson) and with a little boy who’s been bought up to eat absolutely everything, she really has an easy job keeping her family healthy. Dionne will be guest blogging all things healthy and nutritious for BeautyWowza and will be giving us some insight into her healthy world and if were lucky she may even share some yummy recipe’s with us. A yummy Mummy, singer/song writer, nutritional advisor who also works full-time… now that’s what I call SUPERWOMAN!!

Dionne is currently studying Nutrition and takes on clients on a regular basis, for more information please contact Dionne – Dionne.Cherisse@hotmail.co.uk she’ll be more than happy to here from all of you 🙂

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