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The Fabulous Danni Minogue is a major fan of LANOLIPS and the great new is it’s now available  to buy at Boots.com! Wow boots really are stepping up in the world!

LANOLIPS 101 Ointment is made with 100% ultra grade Lanolin and has 101  uses, some include: Dry skin,  Lips, Nursing nipples, minor cuts, rough cuticle’S and cracked heels. Danni Minogue used this throughout her pregnancy as its such a versatile product! Yummy mummies.. why not give it a go? I’m going to have to grab one to review for you all!

LANOLIPS ointment £10.99, available at www.boots.com www.victoriahealth.com LANOLIPS will be in store in Boots from Jan 2011 Also be sure to check out www.LANOLIPS.COM

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