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Living Nature brings us this luxurious blend of amazing ingredients of Rosehip oil,  Calendula, Frankincense, carrot and jojoba oil to nourish our skin whilst we get our beauty sleep. Apply a few drops each evening over the neck and face after cleansing and toning. Also a great tip add a few drops to your nightly treatment for an extra boost. Day time use is not recommended as the oils degenerate more in day light and tend to enhance UV absorption.

My initial reaction to using oils is always the same.. I have combination skin so I always think that using oils will make my skin even more oily, reluctantly I give it a go. I don’t always get the results I want but the Living Nature Radiance night oil is yummy. It has a very distinctive warming smell which I think helps me wind down of an evening so im ready for bed. I wake up every morning with a glow and no oilyness what so ever. I have noticed a difference in softness and also my pores have vanished. This formula really does give starved skin the pick me up it needs and as you only need a few tiny drop a little really does go a long way. I would advise ladies with more mature skin to apply a 3-4 drops every evening and then an extra 2 small drops on areas of concern.

Give it a try and let me know how you get on. Living Nature Radiance Night Oil- £43.50, for your nearest stockist please visit www.livingnature.com. Living Nature are a BDIH approved skincare company!

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