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A christmas must have, grab yourself a fabulous Limited Edition Cleanse and Polish! This award winning beauty favorite is now available in a shiny silver canister in light of Christmas.  £17.50 for a 150ml plus 1x muslin cloth! Use it to store your Cleanse and Polish all year round! You now its gonna look fab in your bathroom!!  www.lizearle.com

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I was sent Liz Earle’s fragrance to lift my spirits in this chilled, wintery weather. The lovely Andrea at Liz Earle knows me too well, after returning from an epic holiday in Greece a few weeks ago, I have ‘the holiday blues’ so what better way to cheer me up? A fabulous scent of summer!!

I have to admit and you all may have noticed how much I am sensitive to smells. Like many individuals I tend to suffer from quite bad headaches, most of the time they’re triggered from certain smells and things I eat, this is why I am very careful when choosing perfumes. Liz Earle Botanical Essence is a light airy fragrance which is derived with 98% natural ingredients. I’m a lover of citrus smells and the top notes of this fragrance include : Mandarin, orange and lemon, some of my all time favorite scents. This Fragrance is truly amazing and I would recommend to all, I love the fact that its made from 98% natural ingredients and it has such a light but lasting aroma.

‘This unique fragrance has been lovingly crafted using some of the most precious botanicals from around the world. High-altitude lavender from France, damask rose from Turkey, Italian bergamot, and spicy patchouli from Indonesia are just a few of the ingredients in this complex blend. I hope you love our vibrant, naturally active fragrance as much as we do.’

Liz Earle; Co-founder, Liz Earle Naturally Active Skincare

Check out Liz Earle’s First ever fragrance at www.lizearle.com RRP £39.50

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Hi all, I’m very sorry about my delayed post on announcing the winners of the Liz Earle Hairecare Prize Draw, I have just returned from a fabulous week away in Greece :).

The Lucky winners are:

Mr Mike Bromley
Mrs Eugenia Skliar
Mrs Nicky Johnson
Mrs Brigitte Prior
Mrs Pamela Kerr

Congratulations to you all, you should have already or should be very soon receiving your Liz Earle Haircare products. I would love to hear feedback from you all of how you got on with the range and your thoughts. Stay tuned for more Prize Draws. If you wasn’t fortunate to win and are eager to get hold of the Hairecare products please visit the LizEarle site.


BeautyWowza 🙂

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Most of us including myself ignore using a ‘Toner’ but little do we know it actually helps to close the pores after cleansing  and prepares your skin for your moisturiser. This formula is perfect for those who have stayed away from using a toner because that small little bit gets into your eyes and stings like crazy. ‘Liz Earle Instant Boots Tonic’ is a gentle non drying tonic which helps to soothe and brighten your skin giving you instant results. Some of the potent natural ingredients you will find is this beautiful floral formula include: Organic Aloe Vera, Natural Source Vitamin E, Camomile and cucumber.

Apply a generous amount on cotton wool pads after cleansing your skin, lightly sweep over the face without applying too much pressure, finish off by applying your moisturiser. I do advise to use the Liz Earle essentials range as you will see better results from using the whole range. The Instant Boost Tonic is also available in a spritz bottle which is very handy to carry around with you. Just simply spritz yourself for a little refresh. The smell is lovely, clean and comforting.

 Liz Earle Instant Boost Tonic 200ml Bottle £11.50 www.Lizearle.com

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I know I have already posted a review about this product but I really feel the need to write a more in-depth one. The Liz Earle range has been around for 15 years and in that time the formula for the ever so popular ‘Cleanse and Polish’ has never changed, this powerful concoction is suited for all ages and all skin types. The Plant based cleanser has a two-step action, Step 1 The cleansing: The rich creamy cleanser removes all traces of dirt, makeup and belive it or not stubborn eye makeup and mascara, you gently pump a small amount on to your fingertips and massage over your face. Step 2 The polishing: Using the muslin cloth which is provided with the cleanser you soak it in warm water, rinse and throughly wipe your face, this helps to remove all traces of dead skin cells leaving you with soft radiant and not to mention ‘Polished’ skin.

Some of the main naturally active ingredients you will find in ‘Cleanse and Polish’ include: Eucalyptus and coca butter. Since using this I have seen such a difference in my skin. First time users I urge you to do this in front of the mirror, take note of what your skin looks like before you use this cleanser, after applying and polishing of with your muslin cloth take another look, you can see the difference in your skin right away. It truly is amazing, this product for me has become a must have and has been added to my desert island beauty list!!

Ladies if you are a Liz Earle fan I would love to hear from you. What do you think about the products and what are your must haves from the range?

Cleanse and Polish: £13 and comes with 2x Muslin cloths

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After 15 year’s of being a leading and highly regarded skincare brand Liz Earle has finally Launched ‘cleanse and polish’ for hair. The new haircare range launches on the 2nd sept 2010.‘Botantical shine shampoo’ is a revolutionary plant based formula that suits all hair and scalp types. The amazing blend is packed with over 89% naturally derived ingredients and a very special cleansing agent derived from coconut. leaving your hair feeling and looking like you have used a salon professional shampoo, whilst being SLS and SLES free, gentle enough to use on the most sensitive of hair and scalp types, a shampoo the whole family can enjoy. Liz Earle also introduces 3 high performance, colour safe ‘Botanical shine conditioners’ which work in force with the shampoo to give you the best results, leaving your hair detangled, shiny and ready to be styled. The formula contains over 95% naturally derived ingredients, each conditioner is formulated with special botanical ingredients tailored to your hair type to deliver the very best of results.

Like the iconic ‘Cleanse and polish’ that works for all skin types, ‘Botanical shine shampoo’ has been formulated to do exactly the same. Some of the ingredients include natural vitamin E, aloe vera, west african shea butter, apple and orange extracts. All working together to gently cleanse and restore shine without stripping.

The ‘Botanical shine conditioners’ work in harmony with the ‘Botanical shine shampoo’ for maximum results. The conditioners are tailored to your hair types and each different conditioner has key ingredients to target your hair type. Kenyan Yangu oil being a rare and main ingredient. Kenyan yangu oil is known for its moisturising properties, It is hand pressed from seeds which are hand collected by local tribes. Liz Earle naturally active hair care range is both beautiful and appealing. Local tribes that assist with the collection of these seeds are benefitting through earnings that contribute towards food, water supplies and schooling for children.

I attended the press event yesterday (18/08/2010) at the Liz Earle flagship store in Sloane Square, Kings Road. It was a lovely afternoon and brilliant to meet people who are so passionate about the brand they work for. Jennifer who does all the plant research explained about all the hard work that goes into choosing ingredients for the products, it was great meeting individuals who are really involved in the process. I also met Liz Earle herself, who gave her insight into the brand and the story behind launching a hair care range. As some of you may know, the Liz Earle brand was launched because business partners Liz and Kim wanted to find a skincare range for their own skin types. Liz having dry eczema prone skin and Kim being the opposite with oily skin. The hair care range came about due to customer demand  and Liz wanting a range that would suit her hair as it suited her skin.

As soon as I got home from the press event I had to try the samples, The shampoo is so soft, the more water you use the more it lather’s. You don’t have to use large amounts, 7ml per wash is the recommended amount (this is for long hair types) if you have shorter hair you can use less. I was also surprised at the fact that you only need to wash your hair once with this shampoo. I find with other conventional shampoo’s I have to wash my hair 2-3 times.

Now I know I have only used the shampoo once and you are all probably wondering why I am singing its praises already but I can honestly say that I could feel the difference when washing my hair. The texture changed the moment I lathered up my hair. It felt so soft and clean and the smell is to die for. The conditioner is also amazing, as soon as it was applied I was able to run my fingers through my hair, something I could not do with normal conditioners.

I will be reviewing the range over the next few weeks and will do some in depth write ups on how different my hair looks and feels. If your Liz Earle fans or even new to the range and looking for a new shampoo, pre order yours at www.lizearle.com/Haircare. The price range is very affordable for what you are get in return at £7.50 for the Botanical shine shampoo and £7.50 for each conditioner. Usage at 7ml means this shampoo will last you 29 washes.
complete bargain is what I say.

Check out the full Liz Earle range at www.lizearle.com or go check out the store in Sloane Square, Kings Road, Chelsea.

Let me know how you ladies get on when you have tried it 🙂

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