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I was sent Liz Earle’s fragrance to lift my spirits in this chilled, wintery weather. The lovely Andrea at Liz Earle knows me too well, after returning from an epic holiday in Greece a few weeks ago, I have ‘the holiday blues’ so what better way to cheer me up? A fabulous scent of summer!!

I have to admit and you all may have noticed how much I am sensitive to smells. Like many individuals I tend to suffer from quite bad headaches, most of the time they’re triggered from certain smells and things I eat, this is why I am very careful when choosing perfumes. Liz Earle Botanical Essence is a light airy fragrance which is derived with 98% natural ingredients. I’m a lover of citrus smells and the top notes of this fragrance include : Mandarin, orange and lemon, some of my all time favorite scents. This Fragrance is truly amazing and I would recommend to all, I love the fact that its made from 98% natural ingredients and it has such a light but lasting aroma.

‘This unique fragrance has been lovingly crafted using some of the most precious botanicals from around the world. High-altitude lavender from France, damask rose from Turkey, Italian bergamot, and spicy patchouli from Indonesia are just a few of the ingredients in this complex blend. I hope you love our vibrant, naturally active fragrance as much as we do.’

Liz Earle; Co-founder, Liz Earle Naturally Active Skincare

Check out Liz Earle’s First ever fragrance at www.lizearle.com RRP £39.50

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