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We all like a bit of indulgence, me especially when in comes in the name of Molton Brown. I have alway been a fan of the brand, you can really unwind and indulge in some real bathing heaven when using Molton Brown products.

Paradisiac Pink Pepperpod is the new femme fatal from Molton Brown, It’s definitely a collection for todays modern woman. It’s powerful aroma screams attention with its alluring and spicy scent. Traditionally called ‘Paradise seeds’ it was claimed that the peppery seeds used in the ‘Pink Pepper Pod collection’  only grew in Eden and had to be collected as they floated down the River of Paradise.

Paradisiac pink pepperpod body & shower £17 – This yummy shower gel infused with warm pink pepper pods from the Gulf of Guinea helps to protect your skin from harsh environmental damage whilst really giving you that wake up feeling in the morning. I’m quite sensitive to strong smells so honestly thought this would be a little too much for me to handle in the mornings but I was wrong. It’s such a mellow spicy fragrance which stays with you hours after you have showered. I find myself on photoshoots smelling my arm in between shots because I’ve caught a whiff of the yummy smell.

Paradisiac pink pepperpod body lotion £17- is a warming deeply spiced aromatic lotion to be massaged over your body after washing – leaving your skin feeling energised and delectably fragrant. I’ve not actually tested this product but im sure it lives up to its reputation.

Paradisiac pink pepperpod bathing milk £24- I totally forgot to add this luxurious bath milk to my ‘Wind Down’ article I wrote yesterday it’s perfect for a late night bath or if you’ve had a stressful week and just need some chill out time. It’s one of those one-off products that would get pulled out when you want severe relaxation and pamper time. Poor a sufficient amount into running water, once the bath is full step into milky heaven.  The richly scented milk really does revive and moisturise your skin. Ladies this is Perfect after a hard days work… Glass of wine and a fabulous Milk bath, you’ll be in heaven!!!

Available to buy online at www.Moltonbrown.co.uk

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