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I used this range all throughout my holiday and I to be honest I can’t say im too impressed. It has a distinctive smell which reminds me of my favorite child hood sweets.

The formula is MUCH better than your typical high street brand however for me it did not compete with Liz Earle’s Naturally Active Haircare Range.

The Aqua Boost Shampoo– is formulated from certified organic extracts, oils, vitamin B5 and wheat protein to nourish dry hair.  Unfortunately for me I didnt see the WOWZA results I wanted to. Maybe I’m being a little harsh but in comparison to the Liz Earle range this didn’t even come close. The shampoo is priced at £7.79 for 200ml a big difference as the Liz Earle Shampoo is priced at £7.50 and does a whole lot more for your hair. I found I needed to use a large amount for my hair to feel cleansed and sometimes I even needed to wash my hair twice whereas the Liz Earle shampoo promises clean hair using less than 7ml per wash and you only EVER  need one wash and your done.

The Aqua Boost Conditioner- is formulated from the same ingredients as the shampoo, I find this very odd, surely the whole point of a conditioner is for that extra boost for your hair so wouldn’t it be better if different ingredients were used?? The Aqua Boost Conditioner is priced at £8.76. Sorry Organic Care Systems, for me you’re a little too pricey! Liz Earle’s Botanical Shine Conditioner stays at the same price as its Shampoo at £7.50 also.  However I would choose Organic Care systems over most Haircare products you see sold on the high street but the prices need lowering!!

Check out the range at www.organiccoloursystems.com

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