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Dr Barbara Olioso brings us the first and only personalised skincare system. The personalization works when you blend iRejuvenate Step 1 and Step 2 to your skins needs as advised.

The highly concentrated mixture which contains 19 active plant ingredients in step 1 and 11 in step 2 can be used as a morning and night moisturiser as well and a neck and eye cream, iRejevenate really listens to your skins needs and allows you to feed it accordingly.

The system is very easy to use, by simply blending the 2 steps on the palm of the hand:

  • Start with a 1:1 ratio of step 1 and 2 i.e 2 drops of each
  • If the skin feels dry or the weather is cold increase the step 1 drops
  • If the skin feels oily or the weather is hot decrease step 1 or only use at night

This tailored skincare system really allows you to listen to your skin and what it needs throughout the year, Dr Barbara Olioso products gives us the flexibility to do so.  Our skin is forever changing and so should our skincare regime but without the hassle of changing the products we use entirely.

I have been using this system for a few weeks now, It’s a little daunting at first but the great thing is if you get it wrong it’s not going to harm your skin as the ingredients are organic. The gels are brilliant, non greasy and very cooling on the face. I have played around with a few different systems of using step 1 and step 2. As the Winter months have quickly arrived I have noticed a change in my skin, winter always seems to strip and dry out my skin so I have upped step 1 and it has worked brilliantly. The system is amazing for all skin types and extremely good as an anti-aging system. I recommend you all give it a go. If your fed up of having to change your skincare regime throughout the year to tailor to your skins needs why not give this a try??

 iRejuvenate cane be bought online at www.forestskincaresecrets.com and is approved by the Vegan Society.

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Everywhere I go I seem to be spreading the word of Green and Spring. As a beauty blogger you tend to be able to talk about beauty all day long, when asked what skincare I recommend you can be sure that Green and Spring is always mentioned.

The tradition of using herbs for health and beauty has a long history in the British Isles. Green & Spring has tapped into this rich legacy sourcing pure and natural ingredients, organic wherever possible, indigenous to Britain. In particular, the skincare range makes the very most of the abundance of natural resources found at Cowley Manor, including natural spring waters and herbs. Green & Spring combine these ingredients to create efficacious synergies. (text from press release)

So without further delay, here are the products I have been reviewing:

Rich Night Cream 70ml £38- A fabulously rejuvenating night cream… well I like to call it a night treatment. Its packed with essentials oils and extracts to create a really rich formula which really targets and penetrates your skin whilst you sleep. Rose, camomile and rose geranium help to soothe, balance and tone the skin. Carrot and evening primrose oils rich in antioxidants and vitamins A and E help to increase suppleness and reduce wrinkles and fine lines. The cream also contains marshmallow, comfrey and bilberry which are known to increase cellular renewal of skin. I use this Rich night cream every night with a few drops of Living Nature’s Radiance Night Oil. The cream has a lovely rich thick texture and a little goes a long way, the cream is sooo rich you don’t need too much (unless of course you have mature dry skin) Having combination skin I was worried about the consequences of using such a rich cream however to my surprise I never wake up with oily skin, my skin is always so fresh, clean and soft! I love this cream!!!!!

Refreshing Eye Cream 30ml £32-  Now… this eye cream for me is magic, I’m 24 years old with no signs of aging just yet (thank god) however, I think it is important to use products with great ingredients to prevent future damage. The one thing that I do have problems with is under eye dark circles. This refreshing eye cream helps to reduce puffiness and dark circles and also has lifting qualities. Ingredients such as soothing camomile, cucumber and witch hazel extracts all work together to cool, soothe and renew elasticity. So far for me, the best eye cream I have used!!

The Green and Spring range can be bought online at www.greenandspring.com and is also sold at Harvey Nichols nationwide 🙂


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One of the main things a woman is always searching for… (no not the perfect black cocktail dress) is a anti-aging moisturiser. You’d think with all the options currently available the perfect anti aging formula would be an easy find, however most anti-aging formulas that you see don’t exactly do what they promise and at the prices we now see on the high street with Moisturisers selling at £25 + this can be a major problem, not to mention a waste of money!

Paula Begoun aka ‘The cosmetics cop’ brings us her Resist range. A quick, easy and stress free system which consists of two products the ‘Resist Barrier Repair Moisturiser’ and the ‘Rest Super Antioxidant Concentrate Serum’

The ‘Resist Barrier Repair Moisturiser’ is a silky formula that provides hydration to all skin types and reduces free radical and environmental damage. The magic formulation helps ‘Resist’ wrinkles and is also great for sensitive and rosacea skin types.

Being aged 24 I don’t just yet have the need to use a anti-aging moisturiser however there is a strong need for me to review them for my readers, so my lovely mother reviews all the anti-aging ranges for me.

My mum being aged 45 has pretty good skin, with the normal signs of aging being open pores, loss of elasticity and fine lines around the eyes. She is always on the hunt for a good moisturiser and found Paula’s choice Resist range very good. After just two weeks of using the ‘Resist Barrier Moisturiser’ there was a noticeable difference, pores were reduced in size and the skins elasticity had improved, the skin is also very soft, hydrated and makeup sits very well compared to when using other moisturisers. In all a great anti-aging moisturiser, if you’re looking for results and are fed up of paying high street prices, try out Paula’s Choice Resist range and let me know how you get on. It’s always nice to have feedback on products I review. If you are a Paula’s Choice user please tell me about your experience with the range, I would love to hear from you 🙂

Resist Barrier Repair Moisturiser- £22.50 www.Paulaschoice.co.uk

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