Beautifully wrapped and ready to give, Lush has a whole selection of festive gifts to suit everybody you know. There’s everything you could possibly want, ranging from stocking fillers and secret Santa gifts, to luxurious hat boxes and tins with more than enough bath and body products to see you through to the New Year. Who said Christmas has to be expensive? Check out these bargains Christmas gifts all under £20



SECRET SANTA (£5.00) … the perfect gift for all those tricky Secret Santa presents. This one suits everyone – so it doesn’t matter whose name you pull out of the hat! And, even more literally, there’s a Santa hidden inside each box as this gift contains a Satsumo Santa bath ballistic, shaped like Santa he smells of oranges! Beautifully wrapped in paper hand painted with sprigs of holly, it’s an unbelievable bargain at only £5.00!    



HAVE A SWEET CHRISTMAS (£5.95) … everyone likes to treat themselves at Christmas, so what better gift than a box of sweet scented treats, but without the calories! Containing the best-selling candy and vanilla scented Candy Cane bubble bar, our version of the traditional festive sweetie and a chunk of the Snow Fairy scented Godmother soap. The cute hand painted design of candy canes is sure to look great under your tree.  




CHILLIN’ WITH MY GNOMEYS (£6.50) a cool shower gift containing a chunk of the new refreshing and invigorating Snow Globe soap and Whoosh shower jelly (freeze yours for a really sharp, shower shocker to wake you up in the morning!). A very affordable gift for both boys and girls, this one is adorned with cute little blue Santa’s inspired by a Norwegian tradition – in Norway they have a Nisse instead of Santa who is gnome like and wears a blue suit. We’d quite like to chill with him. 



CHRISTMAS CRACKER (£6.50) … sparks will fly in the bathtub with this cracker of a gift, containing two of Lush’s feisty festive bath ballistics: the new Boogg is shaped like a snowman’s head and explodes in the tub like a firework in a swirl of colours; while Cinders crackles and pops in the water with popping candy, filling the air with cherry and almond. All wrapped up in 100% recycled gold paper and tied with a red ribbon – pull apart and let the good times roll!    


WINTER WARMER (£7.50) … something to keep you warm throughout the cold months, this gift contains two of Lush’s new bath and shower products – Mandarin’s Tea Party soap and Glogg shower gel. Both contain spicy ingredients like ginger and cinnamon to warm the cockles and get the circulation going again, keeping you healthy in winter. Ideal for gift giving at any point throughout the long winter months – especially for our friends in Scandinavia where the dark, cold winters seem to last forever!    


MATRYOSHKA (£TBC) … introducing Lush’s very own Russian Doll! The iconic doll-within-a-doll idea is epitomised in this adorable packaging free gift – the outer doll shell is made of a special, limited edition So White soap, and inside you will find two adorable Christmas ballistics, So White and Cinders, both shaped like little Russian Dolls. They are all wrapped together in a mini Knot Wrap scarf, which makes for a great napkin or hanky.    


CHRISTMAS ALLSORTS (£9.95) … this one contains all sorts of Christmas things! There are three of Lush’s festive fizzers altogether in a really cute circular box, with pictures of Christmas characters on. If you turn the lid around, you can change the characters heads … hours of fun on Christmas morning! A good choice for both boys and girls, this is also a great box to keep all your products in afterwards.    


SNOW FAIRY (£9.95) … a global best seller, last year 90,000 of them flew off the shelf! A pink and sparkly, candy smelling collection of festive goodies including: the pink, bubble-icious vanilla scented Snow Fairy shimmery shower gel; a star shaped chunk of Angel’s Delight soap, scented with orange and tangerine oils; and a Shimmy Shimmy massage bar, to leave a trail of fairy dust on the skin. Prettily wrapped in pink and all tied together with a pink bow, it comes with its very own jingle bell.    


BEST WISHES (£9.95) … spread your best wishes around this yuletide with this gift of three festive bath treats. There’s the new Bearded Lady bubble bar, with shavings of King of Skin body butter in to make masses and masses of skin softening bubbles to make comedy beards with; the zesty Satsumo Santa bath ballistic to uplift the spirits; and a So White bath ballistic, that froths around the tub leaving behind a blanket of snowy white, apple scented bubbles. Nice and traditional, it’s hand wrapped with a white natural paper (embossed with festive stars) from India and tied together with a woven red and white ribbon.    


CHRISTMAS PRESENT (£13.95) … the perfect present full of bath time treats for every situation Christmas can throw at you. Christmas Eve bubble bar will turn your bath into a calming oasis of jasmine and ylang ylang scented bubbles; while Winter Bath ballistic warms you up with ginger oil and clove bud to fend off the cold. Mandarin’s Tea Party soap has masses of fresh orange juice and spicy ginger to lift your mood and keep your energy levels up and Fizzbanger ballistic explodes like a firework in the tub, swirling different colours together like a Catherine Wheel. All wrapped together in red paper embossed with cute little reindeer, the ribbon is emblazoned with Happy Christmas in different languages … the perfect Christmas present for anyone!     


GINGERBREAD HOUSE (£13.95) … something to store your gingerbread biscuits in, after you’ve used all the products of course! This cute tin is shaped like a house, it even has the date on so you can collect our tins from different years and remember when you were given them. Perfect for people who like a variety of products – there’s warming Gingerbread House bubble bar and Cinders bath ballistic, along with sweet Candy Cane bubble bar and refreshing Lil’ Lush Pud ballistic.     


JOY TO THE WORLD (£13.50) … spread a little Lush joy all around the world with this fantastic gift of four shower products. You don’t need a bath to enjoy these offerings and this gift will appeal to both men and women alike. Shower with the warming and spicy Glogg shower gel and whilst you’re there, have a good scrub with our toning and astringent Sugar Scrub. Great for helping improve circulation and combat the excesses of the season. Snowcake soap will appeal to everyone’s sweet tooth, while the refreshing and uplifting Snow Globe is a welcome slap around the face in the morning if you’ve partaken in too much Christmas cheer! The gift-wrap is laden with loads of different languages and their festive greetings – so you really can bring joy to the whole world!     


CHRISTMAS TWEETS (£14.50) … a special tweet for that person who spends Christmas looking after everyone else – they cook the dinner, clean up afterwards, wrap up everyone’s presents … they really do deserve something special. This gorgeous little box is full of vanilla and marzipan scented goodies, there’s even a 45g pot of Smitten hand cream to soften and protect hard working hands. Wrapped up in chirpy robin decorated paper and tied together in a lovely red ribbon. We also imagine this will appeal to the Twitter generation!     


THE FIRST SNOW (£19.95) … the first snow of winter is longed for by young and old, it’s amazing the frission of excitement a few snowflakes can create! We heard somewhere that the first snow paints over the messy and imperfect picture of the last year and primes the canvas for something new … with that in mind, this gift contains a selection of shower treats that will leave you primed for something new. The products are a mix of icy, refreshing and invigorating ones and warming, spicy and stimulating – a great combination of ice and fire, pretty much the feeling you get when it snows and you’re coming in from the cold!     

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