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I was sent a Neal & Wolf gift box last week! Im a sucker for amazing gift boxes! These gift boxes make such lovely Christmas presents!

Indulgence Collection £29.95- Cotains:

  • RITUAL Daily Cleaning Shampoo 250ml/6.7 FLOZ – cleanses hair leaving it fresh, full of shine and ready for styling.  For luxurious, easy to manage radiant locks.
  • RITUAL Daily Conditioner 200ml/6.7 FLOZ – Instantly detangles hair leaving it smooth and ready for styling.  For luxurious, easy to manage, radiant locks.
  • HARMONY Intensive Care Treatment 200ml/6.7FLOZ – Repairs damaged hair, leaving it shiny, healthy and manageable

Tranquility Collection £23.95 – Contains:

  • INDULGENCE SCENTED CANDLE- Experince the ultimate in relaxing scents with this beautiful Neal & Wolf candle. It bursts with mandarin and orange blossom until it melts to floral aromas of lily, ylang-ylang and orchid… true indulgence
  • HARMONY INTENSIVE CARE TREATMENT- Harmony has been specially created to repair damaged hair, using a unique combination of intensive conditioners that deliver an instant transformation.

I think these amazing gift boxes are the perfect Christmas pressie! You can buy them online at Neal and Wolf 

Happy Shopping


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We all know how much I love Green and Spring! Check out these fabulous gift sets for Christmas available for all budgets, im sure theres something for everyone here!!

Bodycare Gift Set, £22  Indulging Shower & Bath Foam 50ml, Relaxing Travel Candle 37g, Revitalising Exfoliating Body Wash 50ml, Indulging Travel Candle 37g, Relaxing Body Lotion 50ml.



Mini Body Set, £13.50 Revitalising Exfoliating Body Was 50ml, Relaxing Body Lotion 50ml, Indulging Travel Candle 37g.


Relaxing Bathing Set, £40 Relaxing Shower & Bath Foam 300ml, Relaxing Light Bath Oil 100ml, Natural Sea Sponge  


Revitalising Bathing Set , £40 Revitalising Shower & Bath Foam 300ml, Revitalising Light Bath Oil 100ml, Natural Sea Sponge    

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Aromatherapy Assocoiates have decided to bring us this new and fabulous limited edition Christmas collection. This really is the epitome of luxury!

Heavenly Oils (£14.00) – Two new Limited Edition Bath & Shower Oils , ‘Silent Night’, containing wild camomile and vetivert to ensure a peaceful night’s sleep, and ‘Clear Dawn’, which incorporates ravensara and eucalyptus, to help revive the senses and refresh the mind. A beautiful stocking filler or wonderful individual gift.

Pure Indulgence Candle (£40) – A stunning multi-wick, 100% natural plant wax candle that delivers a divine aroma and burns for 42 hours. Fragranced with exotic jasmine and sweet, earthy geranium well known for helping to ground the emotions.

Ultimate Collection (£49.50) – A larger version of the best-selling Miniature Bath & Shower Oil Collection, incorporating one of each of the nine hero Bath & Shower Oils, providing an effective and memorable aromatherapy experience, whatever the mood.

Luxury Skincare Ritual – (£120.00) – The perfect skincare ritual  with full-sized products carefully selected from the coveted Anti-Age range. The set is packed full of rainforest botanicals and includes the ‘hero’ Overnight Repair Mask,  which is a highly effective instant skin repair treatment.

Availble to buy from Aromatherapy Associates and selected retailers nationwide.

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I was invited to the Launch of ‘Davina Peace’ on Weds 20th October 2010, a luxurious but Organic Beauty brand! Luxurious and Organic are not words you hear in a sentence together, so.. wonder woman and eco- preneur ‘Davina Peace’ set out on her mission to prove to her critics that it could be done!! Whilst working at the soil association Davina gained a large amount of know-how on the wide world of organic products, she then pursued a career in marketing working at Saatchi and Saatchi! Being diagnosed with a chronic illness forced Davina to re-evaluate her lifestyle, she explored the benefits of nutrition and the impact it would have on her well-being and adopted a strictly organic diet, she also grew fond of using organic beauty products but being the girly girl she is, she did not find the luxury she wanted in the so-called Organic beauty brands she was using, that’s when ‘Davina Peace’ the luxurious and Organic beauty brand was born.

Let me introduce you to the fabulous Body and Home range from ‘Davina Peace’:

Body Cream 70% Organic (Soil Association certified) £55 175ml- Thick, rich and indulgent are the words used to describe this yummy body cream. On application it immediately moisturises whilst also giving the skin a more taut appearance. The luxurious feel and texture is achieved through the unique properties of UK origin Crambe Oil. Long term use will improve overall tone, texture and taughtness of the skin. Massage daily after bath/shower, concentrate of dry and concern areas. The smell is amazing and uplifting and in my own words this cream feels like butter when applied. Its thick and creamy and glides on with ease. Fragrances you can smell include: Organic Chamomile, Organic Geranium, Organic Vanilla extract and many more!!

Key Organic Ingredients: Organic Aloe Vera, Organic Indonesian Kendi Oil, Organic Cocoa ButTer, Organic Shea Butter and Organic Glycerin.

Body Oil 70% Organic (Soil Association certified) £45 100ml-

Davina says ” Like liquid gold for your skin, this year round skin beautifier contains powerful, natural repairing properties that are perfect for winter healing, sun soothing or everyday skin nourishment”

An all year round beauty elixir which contains the finest organic repairing oils such as: Organic Jojoba oil to help enhance skin’s elasticity, Organic Borage Oil, Organic Safflower which helps to replenish moisture and many more. UK origin Crambe Oil provides the product its luxurious glide on sensation without leaving an oily residue. Massage into skin after a nice hot bath or shower, great for evening usage as the smell is very relaxing. Apply a generous amount all over the body and problem dry areas.

Key Organic Ingredients: Organic safflower, Organic Borage oil, Organic Jojoba oil and Organic Indonesian Kendi oil.

Hand Cream 79% Organic (Soil Association certified) £28 75ml- A natural healer for your hands, this luxurious hand cream is softening, repairing and anti-aging. Contains black oat and soy active which helps to keep your hands moisturised all day. This intensely hydrating formula  shows an immediate response on application leaving dry, chapped hands feeling smooth, soft and more youthful. Ladies keep this hand cream locked up in your purse…it may just disappear once you have off some to a fellow friend, or work colleague!! Apply on to skin when needed, particularly after washing your hands.

Key Organic Ingredients: Organic Safflower Oil, Organic Borage Oil,  Organic Aloe Vera Leaf and Organic Green Tea.

Memory No.3 Spiced Punch £36 190g-

Davina says ” The comforting and hearty scent of sweet spices and uplifting orange will envelope your home with warmth even on the coldest winter’s day”

It’s like Christmas in a candle, this amazingly scented candle has a lovely warming smell which fills up the room. Great relaxing burner after a long day of work on a cold Winter evening. Curl up on the couch with a cup of hot whatever you like to drink, cosy socks, your favorite movie and this amazing candle burning in the background!! WOWZA Puuurrrffceccttt!!!

Here are some images from the launch evening-

The amazing box which states all the ingredients.. with the words.. “and that’s all” at the end!!

Myself and the Fabulous Davina Peace herself!!

Myself, Guest Blogger and Nutritional Advisor Dionne Cruickshank, Farrah Gray (Makeupitgirl) and the lovely Davina Peace!

The amazing cupcakes! :p

The Davina Peace range is available to buy online at www.davinapeace.com and will be sold exclusively at Harrods launching on the 1st November 2010!

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The X Factor Judges love winding down and relaxing with ‘OCCO’ candles before the live show. These amazing 100% soy wax candles were a hit in the judges dressing rooms as Dannii tweeted how much she loved the scent!

Dannii was transported to sun-soaked citrus groves, with exotic hints of Ginger, Nutmeg and Anis by the Occo Raiyia No6 Bergamot, Petitgrain & Nutmeg Fragrant Candle, £35

Cheryl breathed in the refreshing and rejuvenating Mirnavina No4 Grapefruit, Amyris and Cedar Fragrant Candle £35

Simon and Louis both enjoyed the energizing blend of ozonic, marine aromas of pine and myrrh in the Kornati No7 Pine, Myrrh & Nutmeg Fragrant Candle £35

Relax and unwind with these beautifully scented candles from ‘Occo’. Check out the more extensive line at www.occo-online.com

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Fashion week approaches fast and as much as we all love the hustle and bustle of it all… it’s always nice to come home, wind down and RELAX. Here are some great wind down products.. I hope you enjoy.

Neom Luxury Organics candles- are made with 100% natural ingredients, 100% recyclable and pure cotton wicks. A special blend of vegetable waxes scented with pure essential oils, these oils also work as powerful holistic treatments when burnt giving you that real moment of calm.

Neom Candles available to buy online at www.neomorganics.com Prices start from £12

Neom Bath Oil- Treat your mind and skin to the opient scents of Neom Luxury bath oil’s. If you are in need of stress  release, pampering, a energy boost or even all three Neom bath oils provide a simple but super-duper luxury spa experience in your very own bath tub. Neom bath oil is the ultimate mood enhancer leaving your body silky smoothe and your mind at ease. One cap full is all you need as a little really does go a long way.

Neom Luxury Bath oils available at www.neomorganics.com £32 each

Maison Boo Leg and Foot Balm- This fabulous formula of Peppermint, Spearmint, Shea Butter, Lavender and many more is perfect for tired, achy and swollen feet. Apply a small amount (warm in your hands firstly as when cold this products is grainy) and gently massage in circular motion. Great for pampering your feet and legs, I like to use this product before bed, your feet are beautifully silky soft in the morning.

Maison Boo Organic Leg and Foot Balm available at www.Maisonboo.co.uk £16 for a 200ml tub 

Maison Boo Organic Massage Oil– Relax and pamper yourself with this fabulous massage oil. Deeply nourshing with great ingredients such as pomegranate and seed oil to protect skin from the effects of aging and Lemon grass and Lime peel to invigorate your senses. Poor a small amount on to the desired area and gently massage in circular motions. Ladies why not treat your man when he comes home from a hard days work?….. and men.. vice versa!!

Maison Boo Organic Massage oil available at www.Maisonboo.co.uk £14

Maison Boo Foaming Bath Detox– Relax whilst detoxifying with this amazing Formula. It contains Cypress to calm, soothe and restore and Lemon and Grapefruit to revive and balance the body and mind. Poor into running bath water for a luxurious bubble bath, the smell is amazing and it truly is RELAXING!!

Maison Boo Foaming Bath Detox available at www.Maisonboo.co.uk £11 

Happy relaxing to all… please let me know how you get on.. if you would like me to review something in particular please drop me an email 🙂

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Since its inception in 1994 ‘Votivo’ has built a strong reputation for high quality candles and fragrances for the home. These amazing Candles are said to be favorite of amongst the likes of P.Diddy and the queen of pop herself Madonna.

‘The Dalian collection’ (as pictured above) is a recent launch fromVotivo. Taken its name from the Chinese region of Dalian, The collection is well present in unique packaging. Each candle is hand-crafted with natural soy-Blend Wax and comprises of a unique scent, formulated and layered to reflect richness and intricacy. Each Dalian collection candle has a burning life of up to 65 hours.

The Dalian Collection: £39.00 per 241g candle. www.Votivo.co.uk 


 ‘The  Colour collection’ (as pictured above) is another recent release from Votivo. A deeply beautiful group of 8 neon glass candles each hand-crafted and hand packed, each with their own individual smell to fill your home, office or bathroom with an invigorating aroma. Blended with the finest wax and rich fragrances. Each aromatic soy based candle will burn for more than 500 hours.  

 The ‘Votivo Colour Collection’ is made up of eight scents; Amber Essence, Greenpepper Coriander, Lemon Desertflower,Orange Gelato, Pink Tangerine, Red Currant, Sheer Water Lily and Deep Violet.

Votivo Colour Collection are £28 and available at www.Votivo.co.uk   

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