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Dr Barbara Olioso brings us the first and only personalised skincare system. The personalization works when you blend iRejuvenate Step 1 and Step 2 to your skins needs as advised.

The highly concentrated mixture which contains 19 active plant ingredients in step 1 and 11 in step 2 can be used as a morning and night moisturiser as well and a neck and eye cream, iRejevenate really listens to your skins needs and allows you to feed it accordingly.

The system is very easy to use, by simply blending the 2 steps on the palm of the hand:

  • Start with a 1:1 ratio of step 1 and 2 i.e 2 drops of each
  • If the skin feels dry or the weather is cold increase the step 1 drops
  • If the skin feels oily or the weather is hot decrease step 1 or only use at night

This tailored skincare system really allows you to listen to your skin and what it needs throughout the year, Dr Barbara Olioso products gives us the flexibility to do so.  Our skin is forever changing and so should our skincare regime but without the hassle of changing the products we use entirely.

I have been using this system for a few weeks now, It’s a little daunting at first but the great thing is if you get it wrong it’s not going to harm your skin as the ingredients are organic. The gels are brilliant, non greasy and very cooling on the face. I have played around with a few different systems of using step 1 and step 2. As the Winter months have quickly arrived I have noticed a change in my skin, winter always seems to strip and dry out my skin so I have upped step 1 and it has worked brilliantly. The system is amazing for all skin types and extremely good as an anti-aging system. I recommend you all give it a go. If your fed up of having to change your skincare regime throughout the year to tailor to your skins needs why not give this a try??

 iRejuvenate cane be bought online at www.forestskincaresecrets.com and is approved by the Vegan Society.

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I was first introduced to Inika by the editor and Chief of ‘Lifescape Magazine’, an eco friendly magazine who really know their stuff when it comes down to all things enviroment friendly. Inika is an australian brand that was born in 2006 and founded by its creators Miranda Bond and Jenny Williams.

Inika is one of the first brands of makeup to be Halal certified which I think is amazing. I think all Vegan products should have this flexibility as it would have so much more appeal.

Inika unlike many other mineral makeup brands do not use’ bismuth oxychloride’, a well known skin irrartant, Inika is also free from harsh chemicals, parabens, preservatives, fragrace, GM ingridients and fillers. Inika is also free from talk, an ingridient which is commonly found in mineral makeup brands. Talk is used in most mineral powders and mimeral foundations, its the main ingridient which actually put me off mineral makeup for life. When talk is used in mineral products you will often find that your face looks dry and caked, the talk will sit in the areas such as wrinkles and deep set lines which looks absolutly awful not to mention how much it dry out the skin!!

Here are some of Inika’s Hero products enjoy 🙂

Inika Mineral Foundation with SPF 20 £25

This light but sheer foundation is truly amazing, apply on to skin and it practically melts into the skin, its soft, moisturising and has the most amazing glow. It provides you with a flawless and faultless coverage whilst giving you that radiant glow. No talk means, no blocked, clogged pores or flakey residue. Try it out… you’ll be amazed at how fabulous this Mineral Foundation really is! Inika foundations are also suitable and provide fabulous coverage for those who suffer with skin conditions such as acne, rosacea, pigmentation and scarring.

Inika certified Organic Lip Whip £14

Inika Lip Whips  don’t only provide a burst of colour but also deep moisturisation. These yummy Lip colours glide on with ease, are non sticky and actually taste yummy… (go grab one so you can have a lick) Much better than ingesting a Lip colour which has harsh chemicals!

Inika Certified Organic Eyeliner £11.50

What a cool invention from Inika, an eye pencil with a sharpener on its lid, no rushing around in the morning because you have a blunt pencil with no sharpener in sight. Inika’s eyeliner’s are rich, thick and glide on with such ease and precision. Inika’s eyeshadow’s work in harmony with their eyeliner’s, select two totally different shades i.e brown eyeliner and green eyeshadow, apply the eyeliner on the base and lightly dab some eyeshadow on top.. this gives you such an amazing pop of colour… try it and see!! Inika Eyeliner’s are available in 8 different shades.

Inika Kabuki Brush £23

I first set my eyes on this Kabuki Brush when I was at a Christmas in July event! Rachel (Boudoir Pr) had to pry the Kabuki brush from my kung fo grip, I stood there talking to her playing with this amazing soft brush and even when it was time to leave I went back for another feel. The bristles are sooo soft that you’d think it was real animal hair, I have never known a synthetic brush to be so soft!

Mineral Bronzer – Sunkissed approx £20

Inika brings us this versitle light bronzer. Apply to contour cheeks and compliment your foundation or dust over the whole face for a lovely sheen and glow. A beautiful colour that suits all 🙂

In all a very impressive brand who are Halal certified, Vegan certified and are 100% cruelty free. Inika do NOT  test on animals and all boxes and packaging is made from recycled materials.

Check out more of the range at www.Inikacometics.co.uk

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I was sent Liz Earle’s fragrance to lift my spirits in this chilled, wintery weather. The lovely Andrea at Liz Earle knows me too well, after returning from an epic holiday in Greece a few weeks ago, I have ‘the holiday blues’ so what better way to cheer me up? A fabulous scent of summer!!

I have to admit and you all may have noticed how much I am sensitive to smells. Like many individuals I tend to suffer from quite bad headaches, most of the time they’re triggered from certain smells and things I eat, this is why I am very careful when choosing perfumes. Liz Earle Botanical Essence is a light airy fragrance which is derived with 98% natural ingredients. I’m a lover of citrus smells and the top notes of this fragrance include : Mandarin, orange and lemon, some of my all time favorite scents. This Fragrance is truly amazing and I would recommend to all, I love the fact that its made from 98% natural ingredients and it has such a light but lasting aroma.

‘This unique fragrance has been lovingly crafted using some of the most precious botanicals from around the world. High-altitude lavender from France, damask rose from Turkey, Italian bergamot, and spicy patchouli from Indonesia are just a few of the ingredients in this complex blend. I hope you love our vibrant, naturally active fragrance as much as we do.’

Liz Earle; Co-founder, Liz Earle Naturally Active Skincare

Check out Liz Earle’s First ever fragrance at www.lizearle.com RRP £39.50

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Pond’s skincare has been around for as long as I can remember! A century down the line to celebrate its success the classic Pond’s collection has been revamped for the modern woman of today. Each  Pond’s cream now offers a more effective and specialised treatment for different skin types instead of the all for all moto they have stuck to for so many years. Check out the products available below.

Pond’s Cold Cream Cleanser RRP £3.99 (All Skin types)

A cult classic for Pond’s this multi tasking cleanser swiftly removes dirt and grime, leaving the skin fully cleansed. Cold Cream Cleanser is known to soften the skin without leaving the skin feeling tight or dry, you can also use Cold Cream as an eye makeup remover, hydrating face mask and a hand cream. Talk about a flexible product!!! This formula is skin friendly and does all the above.

New Pond’s Nourishing Anti-Wrinkle SPF 15, RRP £3.99 (Dry Skin)

It’s a known fact that dry skin always see’s signs of aging first, unfortunately for dry skin wrinkles appear a lot earlier than any other skin type. Pond’s new anti-wrinkle cream provides a deep nourishment for a healthy complexion. SPF 15 UV protection provides an intensive protective barrier to sun exposure to help fight against those nasty rays of sun all year round!

Pond’s Tripple Action Moisturiser, RRP £4.99 (Mature Skin)

This formulation helps to restore and improve the appearance of mature skin. Vitamins A and E help stimulate cell renewal and soy and Glycolic Acid boost the skins collagen production to firm and tone.

Pond’s Hydro-Nourishing Cream, RRP £3.99 (Normal/Dry Skin)

This formulation helps to improve the skins moisture levels throughout the day, Vitamin E helps to increase the skins elasticity for a more smoother and supple complexion. Evening promise oil and fatty acids deeply hydrate!!

The new Pond’s collection is available nationwide in Boots, Superdrugs and Lloyd’s. It is also available online www.pondsinstitute.co.uk. Are you a Pond’s user? Did you use this formulation many years ago? If so I want to hear from you!

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REN have created a fabulous range to combat blemished problem skin! Clear Calm 3 promotes  Clearer, calmer and healthier skin with effects that last.

I went along to the blogger event last week and have to say I was more than amused with Rob, one of the co-founders of REN skincare! His rather Jovial and cooky personality had all us bloggers in stitches… and his poem reading….. WELL!!! 

What can you expect from the range? Have a nose below and find out.

Clear Calm 3 Anti-Blemish Day Fluid £24 50ml

This light fluid moisturiser helps to combat against daily break outs. Leave skin feeling calm, fresh and above all soothed. Skin will be less oily and more mattified! antibacterial ingredients work in harmony with the skin to help fight congestion and oxidative damage.

Clear Calm 3 Anti-Blemish Clay Cleanser £18

REN bring us this very unusual Clay Cleanser… first ive ever heard of clay being used as a main ingredient in a cleanser, however, a genius idea. As well all know, clay is very well known for its healing and un-clogging properties. The cleanser throughly cleans and purifies skin whilst also providing gentle exfoliation, this in turn helps to unclog the skin whilst the anti-bacterial ingredients leave the skin feeling soothe and calm. I have handed this yummy cleanser to my hubby who has suffered with problem skin in the past and currently has combination/oily skin. I noticed the difference the first time he used this, his skin looked clean, fresh and the oil level were noticeably low!!

Clear Calm 3 Anti-Blemish Night Serum £20

This serum is design to re-hydrate the skin while you get your beauty sleep. This magic night treatment helps diminish signs of pigmented scars and leaves the skin feeling comforted and hydrated. Also helps to reduce redness.

Clear Calm 3 Anti-Blemsish Treatment Mask £28

This Treatment mask is said to leave your skin clear, calm and even-toned. This special formulation will reduce blemishes, exfoliate and decongest pores. Its antimicrobial action combats the spreading of bacteria and helps to keep redness to a minimum. It also lightens pigmentation scars.

Great thing about this range is that you can also use it on hormonal skin, ladies if it’s that time of the month and your skin is misbehaving try using the treatment mask a little pick me up.

REN skincare is available to buy at Liberty, Selfridges and online at www.renskincare.com Also be sure to check out the amazing REN Christmas Gift sets that are available.

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It is safe to say that this year’s X-factor has sparked more excitement and talk than any other series yet. With top celebrity guest judges, public backlash and relationship rumours, viewing has been an emotional rollercoaster for all involved…and it’s not over yet!
With the live shows underway and the stress levels at an all time high, we think it’s time to add some relaxation to the X-factor madness, so we’ve picked our fave six contestants and found you some top spa deals in their home town! Wahanda, the judges of spa and wellness, are offering some fabulous beauty treats to allow us to get up close and personal with this year’s contestants. So instead of being stuck to the sofa this weekend, be part of the action by booking one of these fabulous pampering deals!

Cher Loyd: Love her or hate her, how can we forget this 17 year old’s first audition where she got her swag on and impressed to boot. The budding star is from Malvern, Worcestershire where The Malvern is now offering a one night spa break retreat for just £85! With this package including a luxurious treatment of your choice, a one night stay with breakfast and full use of the spas facilities you are sure to come out replenished and bursting with energy a-la-Cher!

Matt Cardle: Is the only way really Essex? Well, with Matt being the bookies favourite to win this year’s competition and the Bannatyne Spa offering a Pamper for less deal, it might just be! You can pamper yourself with a Swedish back, neck and shoulder massage or an Elemis facial as well as unlimited access to all the clubs facilities all for just £29! Give it a butchers, quick!  

Rebecca Ferguson: This Liverpudlian lass may be lacking in confidence but her soulful voice is like no other in the competition and continues to blow away the judges week after week! Why not get yourself ‘feeling good’ in Liverpool’s most exclusive spa, the Beau-Belle! You can indulge with a range of treatments within the spa’s beautiful and tranquil surroundings.

Katie Waissel: This Londoner has been getting a lot of press interest recently and along with Cher, has proven the attention is all on the girls this year!  Why not give yourself some girly attention with the pre- party package at Scin spas in Central London? For just £30 you can get an eyebrow tidy and tint, strip lash application, plus a file and polish, making you every bit a perfected star! 

Wagner Carrilho – So rumour has it Wagner, from West Yorkshire, is getting rather close with fellow Irish contestant Mary! If true…maybe the Brazilian lothario can take his new companion to his hometown and treat her to a 2 for 1 indulgence day at Alexander House Spa! This spa package includes a foot soak, paraffin wax hand treatment, Hot stone back massage, Aromatherapy facial plus a selection of cakes and drinks. We think this is a good idea Wagner and we won’t tell Mary its all for just £80! 

Aiden Grimshaw- He might have the support of Birmingham behind him but Aiden looked miserable as he failed to impress Simon and Cheryl last week with his version of ‘Jealous guy’! We say, poor guy! Well if he’s back home this week he could recharge his confidence with the stress relieving Men’s MOT package at the Bannatyne! This spa day also comes complete with unlimited use of the clubs, gym, Jacuzzi, sauna and steam room. That should put a smile back on Aiden’s face… (All text and images from press release)

For more amazing Mob deals visit Wahanda.com

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November 3rd 2010 marks the 12th National Stress Awareness Day in the UK and according to recent research, stress levels have doubled in the past 4 years! When our stress levels start to rise our body sends out clear warning signals – headaches, skin breakouts and sleeping problems are all nature’s way of telling us to RELAX. So why not take some well-deserved R&R with our instant stress busters…


Stress Relieving Skincare-


ARK De-Stress SkinResponse Serum
We all know that when we are feeling stressed out our skin
can often suffer too. Needless to say that ARK’s De-Stress SkinReponse Serum is the ultimate antidote for seriously stressed out skin. This ultra calming, quickly absorbed serum gets to work as soon as it hits the skin, containing the enzyme complex CellActive – VIP and soothing Ayurvedic herb extract, Boerhavia Diffusa root. It reduces the visible signs of stress, diminishing the look of fatigue, and reinforces the skin’s moisture barrier to protect it from pollution, environmental and lifestyle pressures. (30ml £34). www.arkskincare.com

Dr. Bronner’s present their very own 18 in 1 Hemp Lavender Pure Castile Soap made with organic oils all contained neatly in a 100% post-consumer Recycled Plastic Bottle. This beautiful, delicate and natural organic and Fair Trade liquid soap has famous fans including Drew Barrymore, Sandra Bullock and Bobbi Brown. It leaves your skin and home squeaky clean and smelling of lavender.

Dr. Bronner’s is available UK nationwide .To find your nearest stockist call t: 0845 072 5825 www.kinetic4health.co.uk

Stress Busting Treatments-

50% off Full Body De-Stress Massage with Chocolate oil at Saasha Clinic

Give your body a delicious treat this winter with 50% off Full Body De-Stress Massage with Chocolate oil at Saasha Clinic, where you will enjoy 60 minutes of pure soothing relaxing pleasure as all tension and stress in your muscles are melted away using a luxurious chocolate oil. Mmmm….Saasha clinic offers its customers a unique environment where they can experience specialised treatments. As soon as you step through the door you will sense the warm and friendly welcome.

All treatments are performing with passion and honesty and are carried out to the highest standard.

2 for 1 Pure Relaxation Spa Day Experience at Amida Spa High Wycombe

Treat yourself and a loved one to this amazing 2 for 1 Pure Relaxation Spa Day Experience, which includes an Elemis Hydrating Booster Facial and back neck and shoulder massage and choice of either a mini manicure or mini pedicure, perfect for you to share with a friend or your partner. Your pampering day comes complete with a delicious light lunch as well as unlimited use of the wet spa facilities. Set in the heart of the David Lloyd High Wycombe, Amida Spa welcomes you to a luxurious haven of peace and tranquility. (Text from press release)

These fabulous deals are bought to you by Wahanda, Please check out the site for more fabulous deals!

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